3 Ways to make your living room stand out

3 Ways to make your living room stand out

Your living room is the first room that people see when they walk into your house, and depending on whether or not you have a separate family room, it could also be the room that you spend most of your free time in – relaxing, reading a book or spending time with the other members of your family.

Not surprisingly, it is one of the priorities of new homeowners, and if you are looking to sell your property, it is absolutely essential that you get your living room done right. Not only will a well-decorated living room impress prospective buyers, it often sets the tone for the rest of the house too.

If you are looking to really make an impact with your living room, consider a furniture rental service and engaging a property styling professional. Otherwise, if you are just looking for little touches that you can add to update the look and style of the space, here are three tips that might help:

1. Go bold and bright
Living rooms are generally more formal spaces, it being the room in which you receive and entertain guests. Conventional wisdom says that the design of your living room should be timeless and elegant, and we totally agree.
But if you are a little tired of the same classic shades and want to make a lasting impression, how about a pop of vibrant colour? Red is a colour that makes a statement, as long as you remember not to overdo it. For maximum impact, balance it with neutral shades like white and silver.

2. Play with patterns
Here’s another way to make a statement with your living room décor, one that won’t have you resorting to fluorescent shades: patterns. Clashing prints are a hot trend in fashion right now, and the good news is you can translate that into your living room décor too.
Florals, tie-dyes, animal prints, polka dots… the possibilities are endless. Again, moderation is key. Avoid going overboard (and turning off potential buyers) by including solid colours within the same colour theme for your bigger pieces to anchor everything.

3. Look for conversation starters
Unless you really go out of your way to source something completely unique, chances are your sofa set is not going to be that much different from anyone else’s.

The way to stand out when it comes to your furniture, therefore, is to look for unusual pieces for the smaller items. Coffee tables, lamps and decorative items are great opportunities to be creative, original and to really make an impression.

Thoughtfully placed artwork and sculptures could go a long way – if you’re stumped, your furniture hire specialist will be able to help. Take your time when sourcing these items; more often than not, you will find yourself struggling to find something, only to stumble across a piece you instantly love when you least expect it.