Sun Connect - Solar Energy Award

Sun Connect - Solar Energy Award

Sun Connect wins 2011 Australian Business Award - Enterprise

Sun Connect has been recognised among Australia’s most progressive organisations, winning the 2011 Australian Business Award - Enterprise Category.

The Australian Business Awards challenges the full spectrum of private, public and non-profit sector organisations in Australia through its comprehensive business and product award categories.

Now in its sixth year, the Australian Business Awards program recognises organisations that demonstrate the core values of business excellence, product excellence, corporate responsibility, sustainability and commercial success in their respective industries. A total of 928 organisations participated in the 2011 Awards.

The Australian Business Award for the enterprise category recognizes organisations that have achieved outstanding commercial success whilst undertaking bold new ventures.

Commenting on the win, CEO Mark Tuke said: “this award reenforces our commitment to our industry, business model, product and most importantly people, and improves our recognition amongst our industry peers. The credibility and peace of mind this also helps to translate to our prospective customers and facilitates our continued expansion locally, as well as fuelling our early start on expanding internationally.”

“We’ve come from 2 staff to nearly 80 in less than 3 years, and within an industry which can be at times turbulent; we have continued our growth and continued to pioneer our niche market that focuses on high-end quality and high-value solar. This is our model and it proudly flies in the face of the majority of solar retailers in the Australian market that focus instead on low-price and low-specification solar. We think quality is paramount, as is support, and our unique 5 Year Customer Service Guarantee typifies our mentality and practices in this regard.”

Tara Johnston, Program Director of the Australian Business Awards, said the standard of entries for 2011 was a testament to the strength and resilience of the Australian economy.

“Australian businesses continue to adapt business processes, invest in product development and develop dynamic e-business initiatives that increase productivity and quality standards for all. The Australian Business Awards provide a welcome opportunity for organisations committed to business and product excellence to receive recognition throughout their respective industries for driving positive business outcomes,” said Johnston.

“We are proud that the Awards continue to promote the key values in the workplace which foster a vibrant organisational culture and encourage enterprise, product innovation, service excellence, marketing excellence, environmental sustainability and community contribution. We would like to congratulate all the 2011 winners for achieving exceptional results within the respective award categories.”

Business award entries are separated by industry classification per award category and evaluated in accordance with the award criteria across seven main areas, including leadership and strategy, impact on industry, adaptability and sustainability, human resource management, customer relationship management, process management and evidence of success.

About the Australian Business Awards
The Awards commenced in 2005 and are open to all private, puplic and non-profit sector organisations operating in Australia. This includes multi-national subsidiaries, government departments, agencies or bodies, franchisors and non-government organisations.

The mission of the Australian Business Awards is:
• To conduct an annual awards program with regional recognition and global significance;
• To recognise and honour corporate and product excellence;
• To continuously develop dynamic and rigorous framework of assessment;
• To ensure that the assessment process is fair and objective, free of bias or influence; and
• To provide a viable world-class initiative that is technologically advanced for consumers and the business community
Details regarding the Awards program can be obtained at

For more information about Sun Connect or our award, please contact Mark Tuke or James Strahan on 03 9040 2056.

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