New Bristile Roofing Office Wraps Itself in Roof Tiles

New Bristile Roofing Office Wraps Itself in Roof Tiles

Bristile Roofing has exhibited innovative design and creative thinking by adopting the increasingly popular design trend of using roof tiles as wall cladding on their new Port Macquarie office.

Designed by local building designer Lanfranchi Housing, the building showcases La Escandella Ceramica (Planum) terracotta roof tiles in the semi glazed ‘Caviar’ colour without detracting from other elements used in the design. The Planum tiles cascade down the walls and flow seamlessly across the roofing sections. This exciting design trend has been gaining popularity in Europe and the rest of the world because of its immensely pleasing aesthetic properties and its superior thermal and sound insulation attributes.

The tiles were fixed to the walls using screws at the top in the same manner as they would be on a standard roof, and were cut around doorways and windows. The only difference to normal fixing was the straight bonding method used which involves installing a tile in line with the one above and below. Planum tiles are traditionally cross bonded on roofs however straight bonding was used on the walls to create straight vertical lines.

Unlike timber and various other wall claddings, terracotta roof tiles are largely maintenance free and will never need repainting because the colour finish is fired onto the product and won’t be affected by aging or weather. For this reason, all La Escandella Ceramica terracotta roof tiles are sold with an exclusive Colour for Life warranty which means the colour will not fade or change for the life of the product.

The project has received many accolades from visitors, so many in fact that it is has been entered into the prestigious 2014 Think Brick Awards under the Roof Tile Excellence category, which recognises innovative and exceptional designs utilising concrete or terracotta roof tiles.

Terracotta and concrete roof tiles from German company Weinerberger have been used as walling to great effect on the projects on this link ( and La Escandella Ceramica Planum tiles have been used on this European project in a similar manner.

Likewise, this project from Athens in Greece, designed by Thanos Athanasopoulos shows Curvado style tiles that cascade down the exterior walls and provide a unique feature wall.

These projects confirm that the trend to roof tiles being used for walling is quickly gaining momentum and with a host of benefits including sound insulation, thermal mass, colour longevity, durability, strength, and fire resistance, its not hard to understand why.

Bristile Roofing hopes that leading by example will encourage more architects and designers to adopt this innovative and distinctive design method and see the difference terracotta roof tiles can make as wall cladding.