NEW Release: La Escandella Innova Ceramic Roof Tiles

NEW Release: La Escandella Innova Ceramic Roof Tiles

Together with new colours, a better quality product, and an evolution in style, La Escandella ceramic roof tiles now have an addition range called the La Escandella Innova Range. La Escandella Innova is a shaped roof tile with corrugations that create a very subtle wave across the roof line. Unlike many corrugated profiled tiles, the Innova has flat raised sections across the face of the tile and where tiles lap at each side to creates a unique finish.

The colour palette offered was developed with advice from key colour consultants and specifiers and includes:

Caviar: a dark black tile with a semi gloss finish.

Slate: dark grey or charcoal colour.

Wallaroo: the latest colour to be launched from La Escandella, this grey colour with a green tinge was developed to complement modern design.

Cocoa: a rich dark chocolate brown.

Turron: the lightest tile in the range, Turron is a creamy colour and features a semi gloss finish that effectively reduces the chance for dirt and grime to stick to the tile.

Developed in Spain by the research and development team at La Escandella Ceramica, the worlds largest producer of ceramic roof tiles, the Innova range is made in a production facility custom built this year for the purpose of delivering the worlds finest quality ceramic roof tile. In fact, thanks to improved production techniques the Innova range and several other products produced at this facility are now offering with an unprecedented 100 Year Product Warranty. This means the product is guaranteed to remain structurally sound for 100 years.

The product warranty is offered in addition to Bristile Roofing’s famous Colour For Life warranty which is offered with all ceramic roof tiles and means the tile colour will never change for the life of the product.
The Innova range is part of the La Escandella collection from Bristile Roofing. La Escandella European ceramic roof tiles from Bristile Roofing offer everlasting beauty and style, with unmatched attention to attention and quality that is unsurpassed.

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