Grip Guard Non-Slip Specialist Helps Homeowners Give Injury the Slip

Grip Guard Non-Slip Specialist Helps Homeowners Give Injury the Slip

Businesses and homeowners are increasingly under the pump to ensure their floors meet Australian Standards for slip resistance.

Fail to do so and the legal costs can leave homeowners and businesses out of pocket by many tens of thousands of dollars. Work Cover estimates that slip/fall injuries cost Australians approximately $1.5 billion dollars each year!

Sydney’s Grip Guard distributor, Matt O’Brien of Aquadence Anti-Slip, warns that all businesses have a legal obligation to ensure their premises are safe for employees as well as the general public.

“Falls are the most frequent cause of accidental injury, and slipping on walking surfaces is a very significant factor in pedestrian falls,” states Mr O’Brien. It is essential that the slip resistance of all floor surfaces is measured to ensure that pedestrians are not at risk from slippery floors.

“This is where Aquadence Anti-Slip can provide a range of solutions to suit different needs and surfaces including Grip Guard Non-Slip treatment,” explains Mr. O’Brien. “Grip Guard is a unique & remarkable non-slip floor treatment process that microscopically alters the floor surface to create a tread pattern which dramatically increases slip resistance.”

“The tread pattern actually becomes part of the surface – it is not a coating and therefore will not wear off. It is invisible to the naked eye yet creates a safe, non-slip surface for all pedestrians. Incredibly, surfaces are actually safer wet than dry!” adds Mr O’Brien.

Grip Guard anti-slip treatment is the ideal solution to slippery surfaces and is suitable for use on porcelain, marble, granite and ceramic tiles, concrete, brick, stone and any other mined surfaces.

Aquadence Anti-Slip has an impressive client list in NSW including commercial, government, and industrial businesses as well as homes all over Sydney. These clients include Rheem, Pittwater Palms Retirement Village, Sydney International Airport, Mercedes Benz, Selleys & Leukemia Foundation.

To discuss the best floor safety solution for you or your business or to arrange a no obligation demonstration/quote, call Aquadence Anti-Slip on 1300 11 4747.