Non-Slip Floor Tiles Essential in the Home

Non-Slip Floor Tiles Essential in the Home

Most floor tiles are relatively safe when dry. However, add water and floors can become a recipe for disaster!
Tiled areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, alfresco areas, pathways, pool surround, and entry foyers are common danger zones.

In the past, one has had to rely on an anti-slip floor coating to increase the sip resistance of floors. One drawback to coatings is their lack of resistance to wear.

Most non-slip floor coatings rely on some type of abrasive material that is broadcast into a sealer. Sealers, by definition, fill in all the pores of the surface so, once the abrasive material begins to wear with everyday pedestrian traffic, the floor becomes slippery again – often more slippery than it was originally because of its lack of porosity.

Grip Guard anti-slip floor safety treatment is not a coating. The unique treatment microscopically modifies the actual tile or stone to increase slip resistance. Because it is not a topical treatment, pedestrian traffic does not affect the non-slip properties of the floor.

Unlike floor etches, the treatment does not dull the floor or change its colour, allowing property owners to protect their valuable assets. Floors treated with Grip Guard non-slip floor treatment look just as they did prior to treatment and can be cleaned as per normal.

Grip Guard distributors provide obligation free slip testing designed to help home and business owners determine whether their floors are safe. If, slip resistance ratings are low, a free quote for treatment can be provided.

Grip Guard is represented throughout Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Darwin as well as New Zealand.