SHIMICOAT Launches Stone Carpet Resin Aggregate Flooring System

SHIMICOAT Launches Stone Carpet Resin Aggregate Flooring System

On-trend, robust and easy to install… These are just three of the attributes of the newest addition to the range of SHIMICOAT’s advanced resin flooring products. Ideal for driveways, installing an epoxy pebble floor provides an instant upgrade to any surface – no matter how traffic-heavy the area might be.

Leading Australian epoxy resin supplier, SHIMICOAT, has designed a bespoke resin aggregate flooring product that complements its already extensive range. While gravel and/or pebble driveways have been a firm favourite of driveway aesthetics for many decades, their drawbacks are multiple. (Loss of stones, trip hazard, poor longevity, high maintenance, etc.). The affectionately named ‘stone carpet’ uses cutting-edge resin composition tech to provide all the aesthetics of the former, providing a super-long-lasting alternative with none of the traditional downsides.

Resin aggregate is known by many different names, including epoxy pebble floor and resin bound paving. This advanced floor system combines a long-standing preferred driveway look with easy, pour-on application, incredible longevity and a variety of colours and shades. In addition, it offers excellent non-slip properties, is highly impact-resistant and can be installed over concrete or any solid substrate with very little preparation.

SHIMICOAT’s advanced and patented formula of pebble epoxy resin has been designed specifically for use in the hot Australian climate. Its highly UV-resistant topcoat allows for excellent longevity – no matter how hot and long the summers might get.

There are many suitable locations for a stone carpet. From private driveways through to the highest of traffic areas, including car parks, hospitals, transport hubs, shopping centres and more, a resin aggregate flooring doesn’t only make financial sense, it also upscales the look of the area.
In similarity with all SHIMICOAT resin flooring products, the stare-of-the-art formula is easy and fast to install. Simply prep the under surface, mix the two kit components together, pour into place, wait 24 hours and it’s then ready to walk on. Resin aggregate flooring is also low VOC and low odour, meaning no specialist breathing apparatus is necessary during installation.

The resin aggregate pebble paving epoxy kit is now available to purchase via the company’s website or instore.


SHIMICOAT is an Australian based and run company that specialises in advanced epoxy resin floor coatings. Headed by global expert, Frank Samini, the complete inventory is tailor-produced using cutting-edge technology to supply the highest quality, longest-lasting epoxy products on the market.

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