4 Reasons Why Your Home Needs A Carbon Monoxide Alarm

4 Reasons Why Your Home Needs A Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Compared to smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms usually go unnoticed by the majority of home owners. Known as one of the most dangerous gasses due to its ability to slip under the radar of our senses, this colourless, odourless and tasteless gas is a silent killer. Installing carbon monoxide (CO) alarms like the Lifesaver carbon monoxide alarm and the CO9 carbon monoxide alarm are a great way to keep your family and home safe.

Here are some reasons why you should equip your home with a CO alarm today.

1. They allow for peace of mind
The terrifying thought that this hazardous and undetectable gas might be around your family even at any moment is enough reason to keep anyone up at night. What’s more, even pets are not safe from the clutches of this harmful fume. Carbon monoxide alarms are able to monitor the concentration of the gas produced by your appliances at your home.

From boilers, wood burners, gas stoves, dryers, fireplaces to even your vehicles—installing this alarm would alert you if any accumulation of the gas reaches dangerous levels. Rest assured in knowing that the alarm not only monitors the health of the property and the individuals on a daily basis but would also alert you night or day to ensure you evacuate the property unscathed.

2. They are able to prevent illness or fatalities
An amount of CO that is slightly lower than fatal levels is still able to affect your health with signs of headaches or dizziness. As the amount of CO in the body progresses, a sense of disorientation will be induced. If the person is asleep, CO can build up in the system and in some cases, lead to a fatality. Along with simple installation steps, the alarm can be fitted to a wall or, for ease of convenience, a table top unit.

The CO levels would then by presented on a LCD display as a convenient means of update. The addition of this feature in your home would particularly benefit elderly people or young children, who are more likely to be vulnerable.

3. They ensure home appliances are functioning well
Possibilities of purchasing appliances that do not function efficiently are quite common and negligible. However, the same cannot be said when the consequences are so critical. That being said, regularly checking on your equipment can prove to be taxing indeed. Instead, opting for this alarm will not only ensure they are working correctly, but can also aid you in consistently monitoring the CO levels in the home.

Unlike fire that releases smoke and heat, a malfunctioning equipment emitting CO gases may not be noticed until it is too late.

4. They are durable and user friendly
The Aussie weather can be brutal at times, what with temperatures and humidity fluctuations on varying degrees in a week. CO alarms are designed to withstand any harsh climate dished out. This means that a continuous monitoring of the CO levels in the home will occur no matter the external or even the internal environment.

The durability of this product is known to even withstand constant air conditioning. Despite being battery operated which may be concerning for some users, CO alarms are actually equipped with the ability to inform its owner of its depleting battery status.

An end-of-life notification—one that you would be able to easily differentiate between the alarm of gas detection, would allow for a smooth transition into a continual service for your home once the batteries are replaced.

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