5 Tips To Secure Your Home Post COVID-19 Lockdown

5 Tips To Secure Your Home Post COVID-19 Lockdown

Now that many Australians are spending more time at home, either due to COVID-19 lockdowns or just lifestyle changes caused by the pandemic, it is the best time to spruce up your home security. And don't worry – you don't have to be a DIY buff or stay holed up at home all week to fortify your house. You can easily make some small improvements to your home security over a weekend or two.

Crime is all but guaranteed to spike once the full impact of the recession hits, so keep the following five tips in mind to safeguard your home.

Get a security system installed
Home security systems are by far the best deterrent against thieves. Would-be burglars tend to split at first sight of a camera or alarm, preferring to find an easier target instead.

And these days, they’re not as expensive as you think. Wireless alarm systems start at a few hundred dollars, often packed with high-tech features like cameras, motion sensors, and glass break detectors. What’s more, unlike wired systems, you can quickly set them up yourself to save money and effort on the installation.

Fix up your fencing
The whole point of having a fence is to deny intruders easy access to your property. This means that a weather-worn fence with holes or missing planks is no longer carrying out its intended purpose. Take a look at your fencing and see whether it requires replacing. You could also have a chat with your neighbour and see if you can negotiate to split the costs.

If your fence line is still in pretty good condition, however, then treating it with a weatherproof stain or paint should keep it in good shape for years to come.

Tend to your hedges
Imagine if you were a burglar. Would you choose to target a house with an orderly front yard where hiding places are scarce, or one with overgrown shrubbery that is perfect for providing cover? Trimming back a few of your overgrown bushes can go a long way towards making intruders easier to spot.

There’s one place where it’s good to have some thick vegetation, however: your windows. Consider planting a couple of thorny rose bushes by your window panes to deter robbers from trying to climb through.

While you’re at it, make an effort to secure your most valuable garden tools and accessories. After all, a burglar could give up on entering the home and settle for stealing those instead.

Don't forget your smoke alarms
Making your house secure isn't all about preventing burglary. Fire is an enormous threat against your home security as well. A wide range of smoke alarm solutions is available on the market today, with a device to suit every budget and home.

Smoke and CO alarms must be replaced every so often, and now is the ideal time to check whether yours are still within their working lifespan. If you’re looking at a new system, ensure that it complies with federal and state government regulations.

Get the neighbours on your side
Forming a friendship with your neighbours can have the added benefit of protecting your home. Neighbours can provide an extra pair of eyes and ears to watch over your house, which becomes especially valuable when you’re away for an extended period. Moreover, in times like these, it's good to interact with those around you to keep the overwhelming feeling of social isolation at bay.

Break the ice between you and your neighbour by being friendly and striking up conversations every once in a while. You can even go one step further and share some of the produce from your garden or bake them a nice cake to get them on your side.

Follow these five simple tips and you’ll be well on your way to creating a safe home environment, no matter how uncertain the times are. For the best smoke alarm and home security solutions, get in touch with the professional team at Home Safety Store today.