5 Ways To Effectively Secure Your Home And Prevent Burglaries 

5 Ways To Effectively Secure Your Home And Prevent Burglaries 

On average, an Australian home gets robbed every three minutes. That’s 225,900 break-ins a year. If you thought it couldn’t happen to you, then think again. Around 20% of homes have been robbed at some point in the past.

The good news is, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of falling victim to a burglary by taking a number of safety precautions. Check out the following 5 tips for securing your home.

Make Sure Your Windows Are Secure
Everyone knows they need to lock their doors, but what about the windows?

If your windows don’t already have a locking mechanism, speak to the staff at your local hardware store. Different kinds of locks are available to suit every window. Insist on windows that only open from the inside, and ensure householders remember to keep them securely locked when they leave home. If you live in a high-risk area, you may want to consider installing bars. Window bars come in all sorts of different designs, many of which are surprisingly attractive. Glass with a shatterproof film is another good deterrent as it makes entry dangerous for the burglar.

Prune your trees and bushes so they don’t obstruct any of the first-floor windows of your home. Burglars love being able to hide somewhere out of sight as they look for a way to get in through your windows. As an added bonus, an unobstructed window allows more natural light to flood in and lets the householders see what’s going on outside.

Secure Your Doors
The front door is the first place most burglars check, so it’s vital to make them secure. Install a sturdy deadbolt, and ensure a robber can’t unlock anything, by smashing a window and reaching in.

Lots of robberies occur when the owner voluntarily opens the door, so get a peephole installed and never open up to anyone suspicious. Installing various home security products can also help to make life easier.

Get a Dog
Any kind of dog will deter a burglar, although some species are more effective than others. Bullmastiffs, German Shepard’s, and Rottweilers are particularly well-known for their loyalty and courage in confronting a threat.

Of course, any of these dogs will make for a beloved companion as well.

Install a Home Security System
Modern technology has made life a lot more difficult for the would-be burglar. And these days, anti-theft technology is cheaper than ever, so there is really no excuse not to install it in your home. Motion sensors are a timeless option, which set off an ear-splitting alarm when they detect movement in the house. You can even set these up to automatically notify the police.

Another high-tech solution is installing a CCTV security system at strategic points around your house. You’ll be surprised how affordable they are these days. They can even be set up as part of a wireless alarm system, making it possible for you to monitor your home, even while you’re away.

Light It All Up
Burglars hate the thought of being identified by a neighbour and therefore, choose their victims accordingly. If the exterior of your home is excessively dark, consider installing a few lights powerful around key entry points.
Modern bulbs and timers help reduce electricity costs substantially.

Although no house can ever be totally secure, following these 5 tips will reduce the likelihood of a burglary significantly. And by doing so, you’ll be making a meaningful step towards safeguarding your family and your property.