6 First Aid Kit Essentials That Are A Must For Every Household

6 First Aid Kit Essentials That Are A Must For Every Household

From scraped knees to burns and broken bones, one thing is for sure; accidents are unavoidable. But you can be prepared by adding a few items to your home care arsenal. Instead of pre-packaged kits, stocking up on a selected range of first aid kit supplies is ideal in preparing for the situations that you are bound to encounter – especially in a household with children.

In this article, we share some of the top necessities you will need in your kit.

1. Personal information and medication
Everything from emergency phone numbers that are not just limited to that of your family or friends, but also the local professionals should be neatly written down or printed. Consider if you or any of your family members require specific medication for allergy or insulin, and make sure to incorporate more than one dose of those too. Even if the emergency first aid kit is not used, keep in mind to regularly check on the shelf-life of the medication while cleaning out for those that are past due.

2. Bandages
This primary item would allow you to easily handle minor scrapes, burns or cuts without having to make visitations to your doctor for every little mishap or injuries. Bandages of different shapes and sizes would be useful for various applications - triangular bandages, self-adherent bandages, gauze bandages, crepe bandages of varying widths are the more common ones to stock up on.

3. Pharmacy medication
Heading to your local pharmacy and stocking up on some essentials is the easiest way to fend off the worst of the pain or discomfort experienced. Pepto-Bismol is the ideal selection when treating concerns of heartburn, acid reflux, indigestion, or even just plain nausea. Where else, antihistamines can be used for fever, running nose, hives, sneezing and reactions to insect bites or stings.

4. Creams or ointments
Besides pain relief ointments, it would be advantageous to add a few other creams to this selection such as aloe vera gel and calamine lotion. The former item is an all-rounder, even dubbed as ‘nature’s self-generating first aid kit’ due to its ability to soothe and heal burns. The latter however, would be beneficial for inflamed or itching skin, ranging from issues of bug bites to encounters with harmful irritants.

5. Antiseptic
As the staple item of every first aid kit, this product would be able to relieve inevitable infection on any wound, be it a scratch, cut or bite. It is also recommended that you store antibacterial soap, hydrogen peroxide and topical pain anaesthetics in your kit. You may even consult your doctor on obtaining oral medication such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or paracetamol. Prior to attending to the wound, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap. Then proceed to clean the exposed wound with hydrogen peroxide in order to eliminate the presence of any bacteria. The final step would then see the application of topical pain relief ointments.

6. Containers or bags
This item could be considered the glue to not only hold the rest of the items in your kit, but to also make sure that nothing is misplaced due to its organised compartments. Be it in the form of a bag or a box, it is imperative that the container is water-resistant. This would then ensure that your first aid kit can be used regardless of most conditions or environment. Try perusing options online, in-store or consult professionals prior to purchasing any home safety products.

Bear in mind to peruse the first aid kit manual to equip yourself with knowledge on types of injuries, prescribed treatments, including a guide to the signs and symptoms to look out for as well. This would allow you to make the best use of the contents in your kit in most situations encountered.

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