6 Top Tips To Secure Your New Home

6 Top Tips To Secure Your New Home

Getting a new home ready for you to move in is always a big project. From arranging furniture to interior decoration, moving into your new home is certainly exciting. When you are preparing to settle down into your new place, do not forget to consider the security aspect of your home as well. The last thing you want is to become a victim of a burglary or break-in!

Here are six easy tips that you can use to help you feel safe and secure in your new home.

1) Get a security system

Home security systems are a must-have if you are looking to properly secure your new home. An alarm system adds another layer of defense to your home, offering peace of mind while also reducing the cost of your home insurance policy. There are now plenty of home security options for every budget and every level of protection. You will certainly be able to find a home security system that meets the needs of your home and neighbourhood – which is suited to your budget as well!

2) Secure your doors

Ensuring that your doors are secure is a basic but very important step of burglary prevention. You can start out by making sure that your exterior doors have strong frames, protected hinges, and a reliable lock such as a deadbolt or strike plate. On top of that, you can also add in modern security features like a smart lock or video doorbell. Smart home security features are a great way to secure and monitor your home from wherever you are.

3) Don’t forget your windows

The door is not the only point of entry for burglars – windows are commonly used by intruders too. Window latches can be flimsy and ineffective against potential burglars, so it important to take extra measures to make sure that your windows are burglar-proof. You can do this by reinforcing your window glass with a security film or installing window or glass break sensors. You could even add window bars and plant prickly bushes under first floor windows.

4) Lock your garage doors

Did you know that thieves can get into your house through your garage as well? Burglars may even target your garage specifically if you use it to store many valuable items. Therefore, it is always important to make a habit of locking all doors to your garage, both inside and out. Be sure to also store your garage door opener at home, away from the view of any burglars. This is because thieves could grab your garage door opener from your car if you are not careful.

Besides that, you could secure your garage by upgrading to a smart garage door opener, covering your windows, using extra locks, and applying home automation.

5) Improve your lighting

Exposing dark areas with lighting will help take cover away from potential thieves searching for hidden areas. Therefore, well-placed lights around your house can be an excellent deterrent to would-be intruders. Moreover, motion activated lighting that switches on when someone walks near a light, will prevent any burglars from targeting your home. If you are planning on going away for a period of time, putting your lights on timers can also give the impression that someone is still home.

6) Get to know your neighbours

Getting to know your neighbours is an invaluable tip when it comes to improving your home’s safety. Neighbours can help keep an eye out when you are away and report any suspicious behaviour around your home. Simply put, you will have more eyes watching over your property if you are on friendly terms with your neighbours, and the good rapport will help build up a community spirit too!

As you can see, securing your new home doesn’t have to be complicated. These six simple steps can help you improve the safety and security of your new home for many years to come. Find out more about the latest home security systems at Home Safety Store and get in touch with any enquiries today!