8 Surprisingly Simple Home Security Tips You’ve Never Thought Of

8 Surprisingly Simple Home Security Tips You’ve Never Thought Of

When thinking about home security the first thing that springs to mind is probably elements such as alarm systems, CCTV and window locks. But, in addition to installations like these, there are many simple actions we can take to increase home security.

Even more encouragingly, many of them don’t cost a penny - but they provide huge deterrents to burglars.

1. Don’t advertise when you’re not at home: We live in a society where many of us share our lives with the world at large via social media. And while it’s great to post those glamorous selfies or travel pics, that cool Insta post is a shout out that your home is an easy target. Savvy travellers save the uploads for when they arrive home, rather than telling the world that their property is empty.

On the same vein, remember to put any regular deliveries on hold when you go away. Perhaps get a trusted person to pop by every few days to remove post and fliers from the letter box. Investing in a timer that turns lights on in the evening and creates the illusion of habitation is a few dollars well worth spending too. It also means you can come home to a lit house, rather than returning to one shrouded in darkness.

2. Lock your doors: This is a no-brainer, but something so many of us fail to do – especially when we’re at home during the day. While it’s great for ease of access, it also gives the same advantage to less-desirable visitors. Many burglaries take place during the day, so be sure to lock the door every time you go in or out.

This also includes garage doors, as these are a common entry point for wrongdoers (even if the garage isn’t connected to the house).

3. Keep the back yard tidy: Ladders left outside provide easy access, as do bins that can be jumped on to scale to a higher level. Other items can be used to break windows or locks – such as garden tools and even children’s toys. Removing all possible ammunition that a would-be thief could use is good practice (plus it keeps your outside space looking great too…).

4. Reduce hiding places: Overgrown vegetation in your front and back garden provides areas for wrongdoers to skulk and hide. Bushes or shrubs that grow and cover windows should be cut back, as these provide shelter for a burglar to work in relative privacy. Consider any particularly dark areas around your property where you might consider installing motion-sensor lighting that will flood the area with light. This will reduce the likelihood that someone could hide or gain access under cover of darkness.

5. Use window locks: If they’re fitted, use them! And don’t leave the key in a lock (yes, we know many of us are guilty of this). If you have new windows fitted then consider the use of locks or – in our tech savvy world – smart locks. Another, less expensive, option is the addition of window film. This stops the glass from shattering in the event of a window being broken. Opportunistic thieves may well abandon a break in attempt in such a case, as to remove the glass involves additional time and noise.

6. Check the security of sliding doors: The locks on these are traditionally weak and flimsy. This can be easily countered by adding a security bar. Just be sure to use it once it’s fitted.

7. Change the locks: If you’ve just moved into a new property then you should always have new locks fitted. Who knows if there’s any keys floating around that you don’t know about? The same applies should you lose your keys or if you’ve recently broken up with a partner who had a key or lived in the property.

8. Consider an alarm system: Home alarm systems are a great investment. Today’s tech allows you to arm certain parts of the house, exterior doors only, and even takes into account if you have roaming pets. A professional installation is always recommended. This ensures the ultimate coverage, can consider additional options (remote monitoring, cameras, smart alarms etc.) and that your system has longevity so can be adapted should circumstances change in the future.

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