Benefits Of A Ducted Vacuum System

Benefits Of A Ducted Vacuum System

While vacuum cleaners aren’t the most elegant of home accessories, they’re a household essential and you need to make sure you get the right one that’s up to the task.

And while there’s lots of talk about the latest vacuum cleaner technologies and fancy designs, if you’re after an efficient, easy to use, convenient and cost-effective deep clean, then you should consider a ducted system. Ducted vacuums stick it to dirt and if you want to know what the advantages of these tried and tested systems are, you should read on.

Benefits of a ducted vacuum system

Quick and easy to use
Simply plug and play. A ducted vacuum system lets you clean a large area faster and more easily without having to lug a heavy machine around.

No unwieldy cords
The main unit is installed in a garage or other non-habitable space where it is attached to a power supply.
That means that when you use the system, you simply attach the hose to an internal wall outlet and off you go. The absence of cords minimises tripping hazards and means you don’t need to worry about small children fiddling with the electrical sockets.

Longer hose
The longer length hose and conveniently situated wall sockets mean you can reach the furthest corners of your home with ease.

Clean and convenient
With its large filter collection bag housed in the main unit (which is situated out of the way in a garage or storeroom), a ducted vacuum system is clean and convenient. The larger holding capacity eliminates the need to empty small, messy dust collectors every time you vacuum, making it a clean and convenient way of ensuring a dust-free environment.

Healthier living
Asthma and hay fever sufferers love ducted vacuums because they enable a deep and thorough clean. All harmful pollutants, dust particles, pet hair and other allergens are removed without anything being vented back into the room.

Not all vacuums are the same and if you want a deep, thorough clean, a ducted system is the answer. The powerful motor and strong suction gets rid of dust and allergens quickly and easily without recirculating any particles, leaving your home or office space clean and healthier.

A ducted system is often quieter than a standard portable unit. Because the motor and fan are typically fitted behind walls in a remote location well away from living areas, you can vacuum without disturbing the rest of the household or the workplace. It’s also possible to suppress the noise from the main unit even further by installing a muffler or silencer.

A range of special attachments mean you can use your ducted vacuum on a variety of surfaces including carpets, hard floors, curtains, upholstery, mattresses and doonas. And whilst these systems are generally installed during construction, they can be retrofitted into an existing building.

Ducted vacuum systems are made to last and because they’re a permanent installation, they will add value to any home or business premises.

These are just some of the many reasons that you should consider a ducted vacuum system and the good news is that they come in different sizes and handy configurations to suit any project or budget.
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