Don’t Forget About Home Security When You Move House

Don’t Forget About Home Security When You Move House

Moving house is exciting! (Not to mention stressful..) There’s so much to think of - from making sure you’ve signed up for your new energy providers to seeking out the best broadband and TV deals. However, amongst all the hullabaloo, home security is something that certainly shouldn’t be overlooked - both at your old place and your new home. The following are some essential aspects to consider that ensure the upcoming move is as safe and secure as possible.

A word about keys
How many people have you given a spare key to? The kids, the cleaner, the dog walker…? Collecting in spare keys from your old home is an essential task. But on the flip side, unless you’re moving into a brand new place, can you be sure that there’s not a forgotten key or two still dangling from the keychain of persons unknown to you? And this is why you should pay serious consideration to:

Changing the locks
While this might not have been top of the priority list, it really does deserve to be bumped up to pole position. Not only will you not know who might have been a keyholder for the last owners, others may well have been entrusted during the recent preparation of the house sale (estate agents, cleaners, builders etc). In addition, do the current locks conform to the standard expected by your insurance company? Changing the locks is a relatively simple task, and one that gives peace of mind from the outset that your new home is secure.

Don’t forget the windows
In the same vein, you might also want to consider changing window locks. At the very least, ensure that the windows can be fully secured, and be sure not to leave them open for easy access. Would-be burglars are eagle-eyed for occurrences such as a house move, when people are distracted and valuables are likely to be left around. The ultra-security conscious can even consider covering the inside of the windows while the move is taking place so your belongings are not the focus of any unwanted attention.

Consider home lighting
Criminals are shady in more ways than one, and they like working in poorly lit areas. It’s a fact that a well-lit home is far less enticing for a thief *, so consider fitting both an indoor and outdoor lighting system as an effective method of deterring unwanted intruders. Lights that come on during the hours of darkness make a house look occupied, even when it’s not. And outside lighting, such as sensor that light up when someone approaches, are a good idea. And don’t forget the front door and porch, so you can clearly see who’s out there when the doorbell rings at night time.

Home Security and CCTV
A working alarm system is proven to deter nearly 50% of would-be burglars*. So the installation of such a security system, ideally with CCTV, is a valid investment. More and more people are taking advantage of the latest technology that includes wireless CCTV and the security of knowing that if the worst should happen, the authorities would be immediately informed. The high quality footage captured by such systems can be utilised by police to identify perpetrators and can be used in a court of law. But by far and away the best reason to have such a system is that it really is a massive deterrent.

And, let’s face it, the whole idea of good home security is to prevent any issues happening in the first place. With a little careful planning you really can be sure that your upcoming home move is the happy one it should be, and settle into your new place with the knowledge that it’s as secure as possible.

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