How IntelLink Makes Your Home Smarter, Safer, Better

How IntelLink Makes Your Home Smarter, Safer, Better

Are you looking for the best home security systems in Australia? Well, then Home Safety Store has the perfect home safety solution for you: IntelLink. IntelLink’s high-tech selection of smart products will go the extra mile towards enhancing the safety and security of your home.

The first smart home product we are introducing is the highly sought after IntelLink Video Intercom System with WiFi.

The IntelLink Video Intercom System: What It Can Offer
A state-of-the-art home security solution that is smarter, safer, and stronger than ever before. That is how you can describe the new and improved Video Intercom! Stay connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to the front door of your home from anywhere in the world. You can even add multiple entry points with the INT17SD additional door accessory.

A Smart-Tech Solution
Smart technology makes home security convenient rather than a chore. Monitor, record, interact or open the front door for your guest without even getting off the couch through the InterLink Mobile App.

Stay Connected 24/7
No matter where you are in the world, IntelLink gives you full control over who enters your home. The IntelLink Video Intercom System lets you monitor and open the front door of your home via a 7” monitor in your lounge room or remotely through the IntelLink Mobile App.

Constructed For Durability
IntelLink manufacturers durable and long-lasting products. The Video Intercom System comes with an IP65 rated door station to withstand the harsh Australian climate. It also comes with a two-year warranty, giving you peace of mind that the product is built to last.

Enhanced Safety
Automated image capturing helps safeguard your home by keeping a permanent record of everyone who attempts to gain access. Insert an SD card into the Video Intercom System and automatically record high definition images via the motion detector or doorbell push function.

User Friendly
The Video Intercom System is ready to go in three simple steps: install the intercom, download/register for the app, connect the app to your intercom. You don’t need to be a computer whiz to wrap your head around InterLink!

Designed For Aesthetics
The interior intercom features a sleek, ultra-modern design that perfectly complements the interior of any contemporary home. While on stand-by mode, you can configure the monitor to serve as a digital photo frame that flicks through your favourite family pictures.

The IntelLink Mobile App: Real-Time Convenience And Safety
The user-friendly Mobile App lets you control a wide variety of innovative IntelLink products, empowering you to start building the foundations of a futuristic Smart Home.

Through the IntelLink Mobile App, you can interact with guests and open the door from anywhere in the world. No more worrying whether someone’s forgotten their keys and no need to leave the living room to let welcome guests inside. Real-time alerts triggered by the motion sensor or a doorbell press make you instantly aware of who’s visiting your home and can be shared across multiple users.

With zero subscription fees, you have free and full access to all the features of the app, no strings attached!

The IntelLink Video Intercom Kit: Wide Range OF Features
This state-of-the-art video intercom system from IntelLink comes jam-packed with a wide range of features:
· Mobile monitoring
· WiFi connection
· Video recording
· Digital photo frame
· Motion detector
· Door lock release
· Four-wire system
· Night vision
· Two-way audio
· IP65 weather resistance

You’ll receive the following with every InterLink Video Intercom Kit:
· 1 x 7” HD Video Monitor with WiFi
· 1 x Video Doorbell, bracket options & fixings
· 1 x Monitor Power Supply

If you need professional advice and expert guidance on the IntelLink Video Intercom or any other home safety products, contact the friendly team at the Home Safety Store today!