Love The Block? Check Out These Ideas For Your Own Smart Home

Love The Block? Check Out These Ideas For Your Own Smart Home

Fans of The Block will be happy to know that a new site has already been chosen for the 2019 season - a backpacker’s hostel in a sprawling, Victorian-era heritage building in St Kilda which is in desperate need of some magic touches.

The Block is where renovation meets reality and it makes compelling viewing - especially when the teams take something grungy and catapult it into the future. Season 15 of this popular show promises to be better than ever and there’s no doubt that the five 1850s terrace houses which are said to be hidden somewhere in the historic Gatwick Hotel will undergo a dramatic transformation.

If previous seasons are anything to go by, teams will be looking to introduce game-changing technology to their apartments. Who could forget Jess and Norm’s next level voice-activated plumbing in their apartment in the Block 2018? Or the voice-activated blinds? Or the oven that could be pre-heated from a smart phone? Or the flexible lighting which sets the mood before anyone arrives home?
Smart homes are the way of the future, but they’re also the way of today. And while some of the technology that we saw on The Block may be seen by some as a bit over-the-top and gimmicky, there’s absolutely no doubt that innovation will play an increasingly integral role in the way we run our homes and live in them.

Certainly, more and more people are looking to technology, innovation and home automation to enhance their lifestyles, to enhance their home experience and to make their homes more comfortable, more inviting and more liveable. Smart homes can also be more energy efficient, so you can save money and do your bit for the environment too.
For example, a home automation system allows you to accurately monitor and control all of the smart electronic systems in the home. From the security alarm to the music system, the heating and cooling systems to the lights, curtains and blinds to the TV, home automation lets you ‘talk’ to all of these separate systems and manage them as an integrated whole, plus it allows them to communicate with each other digitally.

The good news is that you don’t need a total renovation to be ‘smart’.

Many people mistakenly believe that only new builds or properties that have been extensively renovated like those seen on The Block can benefit from these technological innovations, but the reality is that integrated cabling and wiring can be retrofitted to existing homes.
You can have controllers fitted behind your existing light switches which will put you in control of your lights and enable you to monitor energy output. Your home’s wireless network allows a multitude of devices to talk to each other, and best of all, you can operate it your mobile device from anywhere in the world!

A smart wiring network allows you to connect and share content and user control on multiple devices such as TVs, computers, security systems, CCTV systems, entertainment devices, subscription services and more. It means optimal audiovisual distribution throughout your home - so no more having to watch the same channel as the rest of the family!

You may not need a voice-activated tap in your bathroom or a virtual assistant lurking on your kitchen benchtop but there’s every likelihood that you’ll not only enjoy - but you’ll benefit from - some ‘smart’ additions to your home.

You can be in charge of just about anything in the home including lighting, climate control, entertainment, music, appliances, curtains and blinds, security systems and home alarms and the integrated control not only means greater convenience and enhanced lifestyle, it can also translate into real savings. No need to waste energy because appliances and systems are turned on needlessly. Monitor your usage and electricity consumption so that you can see where improvements can be made.

All of this can sound a bit intimidating but there’s no reason to be put off by jargon or a lack of understanding. If you talk to a professional company like Crown Security about home automation, they’ll take the time to explain all the terminology, give you a demonstration of how it all works, walk you through all your options and discuss how it a smart home can change your life.
And if you choose Crown Security for your home automation in Perth, you’ll never be alone. At handover, their technical experts will give you all the hands-on training you need and will be available at any time for additional support.

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