Open House Preparation? Make sure security is first on the list

Open House Preparation? Make sure security is first on the list

Showcasing your property via an open house is a popular method by which to tempt buyers. Undoubtedly, tasks on your to-do list include freshening up the paintwork, mowing the lawn, and placing strategic bowls of pot-pourri to ensure a welcoming environment.

But have you considered security?

Let’s face it, you’re inviting a bunch of strangers into your home. And whilst most people are law-abiding, there’s always that element of society that sees such an occasion as a chance to bag some illicit spoils.

For anyone planning an open house session it makes sense to take some simple precautions. A little time spent pre-viewing will ensure the only thing people take with them is the impression of what a wonderful house they’d like to buy.
  • Remove items of value: Both those of monetary and sentimental value should be locked away. This includes any breakables that you don’t want damaged and even your child’s fav old cuddly toy that they simply can’t get to sleep without.
  • Protect your identity: Rising identity fraud isn’t something to be taken lightly. Make sure there’s nothing around that could be used to a fraudster’s advantage, such as bank statements, bills, passports, credit card receipts etc.
  • Lock away electronics: Laptops, phones and tablets are easy to put out of sight. However, desktop computers might be more of a challenge. In this case make sure they’re securely locked with a password and, preferably, turned off.
  • Lock jewellery away: A safe is ideal, but if you don’t have one find an alternative location that’s secure. Don’t simply hide them – the success of a criminal depends on their intimate knowledge of where we think things are safely hidden.
  • Don’t leave keys on display: Car keys, window lock keys, house keys, safe keys… You get the picture.
  • Move calendars or diaries that might display when the house will be empty: Most of us have a calendar that hangs somewhere in the house (usually the kitchen) where important dates are on show. Telling all and sundry that you’re off on holiday next week isn’t something you want to be broadcasting.
  • Keep track of everyone who enters: It’s likely you’ll be conducting your open house with the help of a real estate agent. You can ask them to monitor who’s coming in, getting them to fill in a registration form and show ID. It’s also a wise move to limit the amount of people in the house at any one time.
  • Don’t leave prescription meds lying around: Lock these away securely. Not only do you not want them to disappear, the last thing you need is for a viewer’s child to get their hands on them.
  • Lock all external doors: Except the one by which visitors enter and exit.
  • Only have an open house during daylight hours: If you really have to do it in the dark then ensure all the lights are on and the curtains and blinds are drawn.
  • Check your insurance covers you: This should cover instances of theft, damage, and injury to anyone on the property.
  • Remove your pets during the viewing hours: Not only will multiple strange people in the house upset your pets, there’s always a chance that a dog or cat could cause injury to someone they don’t know.
If you have security cameras installed then this is a great deterrent, not only to the threat of theft but also to encourage people to treat your home with respect and avoid causing any damage.

After the event, be sure to check the whole house for any damage, missing items, or windows that might’ve been opened during the day. It’s not unknown for unscrupulous people to unlock an upstairs window with the intention of returning later to commit a crime.

Of course, such tips shouldn’t only come to mind when hosting an open house. Options such as smart door and window locks, motion sensor lights, CCTV and the like are all aspects of home security that can make our lives that little bit safer.

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