Smoke Alarms: Why You Need One and What It Can Do for You

Smoke Alarms: Why You Need One and What It Can Do for You

The unfortunate—and often dangerous truth is that there are numerous opportunities of starting a fire daily anywhere and anytime at your home. Fire isn’t something to be taken lightly, considering the damage that it can cause to more than just your property and possessions, but also to the lives of your loved ones.

Since not every product or item in our home comes with a fire hazard warning, it is imperative that we purchase a quality and trustworthy fire alarm, such as PSA Lifesaver Smoke Alarm—especially when this can mean the difference between life and death.
Here is a little bit about what buying a smoke alarm can do for you and your family.

Smoke Alarms Can Protect Life
“Stop, drop and roll!”, this fire safety technique is taught to children as the means to extinguish fire caught on clothing but also to avoid the harmful smoke that has risen to the ceiling. Oftentimes before the fire even reaches an individual, their health is most likely compromised by the smoke that is inhaled leading to asphyxiation, choking and on more serious cases, death. As the ideal means to early detection, smoke alarms allow the occupants of the home to evacuate the premises as soon as event the hint of fire is discovered. Even at night, the beeping of the smoke alarm would be more than effective in rousing the heaviest of sleepers.

Helps You Save Insurance Costs
Sometimes when a deal is too good to be true, that is probably the case—but not in this situation. Smoke alarms are actually able to save you some money when dealing with insurance premiums. The reason behind this is quite simple as the early fire detection would imply a higher chance that the property can be saved with a lot less damage, hence allowing for saved costs from the perspective of the insurer as well as yours. Win-win!

Protects Priceless Items
Whenever in need of a trip down memory lane, you only need to find a photo album or simply look around your home to see the paths you have travelled and how much your family have grown. These include family heirlooms and memorabilia, treasured toys or photographs, paintings or furniture that hold a lot of memories that simply cannot be replaced. With the early detection provided by smoke alarms, you can be sure to contact professionals on time in order to save all these treasured items and valuables before they fade into oblivion.

Cost effective
Fires are notorious in its reputation of destroying anything in its path. If you consider compensating what has been lost in the fire—be it in your own home or one that it rented, purchasing a smoke alarm is an inexpensive investment when compared to the heavy price to pay (literally), if a fire at your home is not detected soon enough.

Your insurance documents could have also gone up in smoke along with passports, birth certificates, driving licences - all of which need to be replaced. Not to mention, the time that would have been lost in the midst of the meticulous process of retrieving and organising important documents, which may prove to be near impossible without the access to your home or laptop.

Peace of mind
Smoke alarms provide you with 24/7 cover so you can sleep easy at night. In your absence, you can also rest well knowing the smoke alarm is continuing to keep an eye on the property. And added bonus is that the early detection also means that you would be able to safely deal with a small fire using a domestic fire extinguisher or fire blanket.

It’s not often you can proudly say that your products are able to save lives, but that is exactly the case at Home Safety Store. Get in touch with us for quality products at great prices. We promise to take the utmost caution especially when dealing with your invaluable loved ones, whom you have placed under our care!