SMS Security Alarms for Home

At SIMMS we are aware that people want to be alerted, when there security alarm is triggered. For some a monitored security system is the solution, however for others a text message (SMS) is the preferred method.

SIMMS can install a new SMS enabled Security System, or can install a 4G communicator to most existing security systems and with our local sms server (based in Perth), program it to send SMS notifications to up too 5 mobile phones, for a low monthly fee. Suitable for areas with the NBN or without a phone line, all that is required is an active alarm system.

By adding the 4G communicator to existing security systems, you really do have a Smart Security System, no matter who installed your security system (ADT, RAC, Chubb, Modern Security, Satellite Security etc), SIMMS can provide SMS alerts.

Features of a SIMMS SMS Notifications;
  • No phone line required,
  • No sim card required,
  • Smart Phone control of your security system,
  • SMS Server is located and maintained in Perth,
  • Weekly email reports – coming soon,
Our SMS Server is suitable for homes in NBN area's as traditional alarms require a phone line to notify the home owner, a traditional phone line is around $25.00 per month which does not include the call costs. Our SMS service is $19.80 per month (HOMEONE Special pricing), does not incur any phone call costs or line rental charges.