The different types of security systems available

The different types of security systems available

A good and effective security system is the difference between keeping intruders out and thieves getting into your home and taking or destroying the contents. There are a number of security options available, from electronic alarms and close circuit television or CCTV, to the basic reinforced doors and windows. If you are undecided about installing a security system, then first of all you need to understand the standard components of the most popular option, which is the home alarm system.

Home alarm system
This is made up of the control panel, the sirens and the detection sensors. The control panel is the device that allows the homeowner to set and reset the alarm when entering or leaving the property, or when locking up the house before going to bed. The control panel is connected to the detection devices, which monitor the home and set off the alarms if necessary. Often, with tamperproof devices and a backup power source, the control panel can also be used to set detection sensors in different parts of the house or outside the property, such as in the garage and outhouses. So when you go to bed, you can set the alarm to go off if anyone enters the property through a downstairs door or window, or breaks into the garage, for example.

Detection sensors are triggered in a number of ways, depending on which security system you decide to fit. Usually, they are triggered by someone opening a door or window that has been fitted with magnetic strips or metal contacts. Other detection devices will sense motion, such as breaking glass, monitor changes in heat, or use infrared to show an intruder inside the property. The final component of a security system is the alarm bells or sirens, which sound once the detection devices are triggered.

Back to base monitoring
With these security systems, the householder pays a fee to a subscription service that will despatch security guards to the property when the alarm system is set off. Depending on the type of detection sensors in the security system, this can also escalate the call up to Fire Services, for example, if there are smoke detection sensors present. Other security systems will also call the local police department, which is an option that can be incorporated into the cost and monitoring of home security.

This is one option that many homeowners consider, and again, the detection sensors will trigger a camera that will record individuals approaching the property. However, care should be taken not to infringe on the privacy rights of others, such as close neighbours, for example.

Wireless systems
A type of security system that is very popular due to its low cost, and that is also ideal for those who move around quite a lot, is the wireless system. Wireless DIY kits can be bought from a number of high street outlets as well as ordered online, and are relatively easy to install yourself. However, it is best to use an experienced alarm fitter if considering this option, because when fitted by an amateur, it can sometimes lead to a number of false alarms. A professional fitter will be able to fit the detection sensors in and around the home properly to avoid false alarms, as well as ensure optimum operation and coverage.

SMS alerts
An alternative to back to base monitoring is the SMS or text alert, and here, the detection sensors once triggered send a text message to your mobile. In this case, it is the homeowner who then has to attend to this call out.
Regardless of whichever security system you choose for your home, you should also make sure that you have fitted secure door and window locks to all entry points, in addition to reinforcing doors and garage entrances.