Tips For Securing The Holiday Home

Tips For Securing The Holiday Home

The more a house is seen to be unoccupied, the likelier it is that a burglar will attempt to break in, because the risk of them being caught in the act is relatively low. Holiday homes by nature of the property, are more likely to suffer from theft and damage. It makes sense to take steps to secure the property while you’re away.

Get to know the local neighbourhood watch
Even if you are not going to be there full-time, make sure you get to know the neighbours or local neighbourhood watch. Permanent home owners will not want their neighbourhood known as a hot spot of crime, so keeping a friendly eye on your holiday home would benefit the both of you (repayment not just in lower insurance premiums, but a few beers or a bottle of wine when you go back would not go amiss).

Arrange for a security survey
Speak to the local policing team so they are aware that the property is not always occupied. You may even book a visit from a home security specialist firm to come out and survey the home. They will be able to look at all the potential exit and entry points. Additionally, they can make sure you have the right locks fitted and give you invaluable advice on the best home security system which can help deter the would-be burglar.

Invest in a good home security system
It is important to have a reliable alarm system in place; for example, lock alarms that give off a piercing noise if the locks are forced, which will alert nearby neighbours. As you may be away most of the time, you may opt for a home security system which can automatically contact you, the local law enforcement or security firm during a security breach. There are even numerous DIY home security alarms in the market which would serve this purpose.

Keep valuables hidden
Ideally, you will not want to keep many (or any!) of your valuable items at your holiday home. However, you may invest in a home safe so that when you are there, small items such as credit cards or cash can be hidden away when you are down at the beach or out for a walk. Get rid of anything that would indicate you have expensive gadgets in the holiday home, so remove empty flat TV screen boxes and keep bicycles and toys under lock and key.

Cameras and motion detectors
With the advancement of technology and a good Wi Fi signal, you can keep an eye on the property even when you are safely back at home. A CCTV security system is one of the best ways to protect your holiday home; you can view images of both the outside and inside of the home on your mobile device. Make sure that you have got notices up, warning the potential intruder that cameras are in action. Any movement can be captured on camera and lights can also be activated by movement. These features come in a range of security packages and services.

So, for a peace of mind each time you leave your holiday home, speak to your local home security expert today.