Top security hacks you need to know for 2018

Top security hacks you need to know for 2018

Your home is your castle, but instead of pulling up the drawbridge, you need to protect it with robust home security systems. Once you have analysed the weak points that will allow any break-ins, and looked at home security products, you should also be aware of other top security hacks to protect your property to the max.

Get wise with technology
There are a number of apps available that allow you to log in on your smartphone to see what your CCTV security system is seeing. Which means you can keep an eye on what is happening when you are not around. However, you can also use technology to keep you up to date with what is occurring in the neighbourhood, in terms of the potential for crime and damage to property.

Check out the apps that keep you informed of crime rate in and around where you live, and sign up for alerts from the police or local trading standards office, so that you are kept up to date with the latest scams or unwanted callers in the vicinity. There are also apps that can help you turn your lights on and off in the home when you are not there, making it appear to someone on the watch, that the house is occupied.

Install the right home security system
It is no good using your mobile technology to monitor what is happening on your property if you have not installed security cameras. Not only do they act as a deterrent, but if there is criminal damage to the property, the footage can be used to track down and help prosecute the instigators.

Don’t make valuables conspicuous
Depending on your budget, there are a number of things you can do to hide away valuables. Installing a home safe is a very good way to protect smaller items and valuable documents. However, there are a number of relatively cheap alternatives on the market, such as fake food tins that sit in the cupboard, but can hold spare cash or keys, for example. Other safes that look like electrical power points can be fitted into the wall and made to look inconspicuous. Remember, the harder you make it for a burglar to walk in, grab the obvious valuable items and get out quickly, the less likely your home looks like a desirable place to rob.

Door locks and window locks
Even when there is someone at home in the summer, when working down the bottom of the garden, people will leave doors unlocked or windows open. Thieves are very canny when it comes to taking an opportunity to rob people of their valuables. They can be dressed to look like legitimate tradesmen or sales reps, so get into the habit of keeping doors and windows locked when in residence. There are automatic door locks that you can operate from your mobile phone, so review this as an option.

Put these home security hacks in place for 2018 to ensure a safe and secure New Year.