What You Need to Know Before Purchasing A Security Camera

What You Need to Know Before Purchasing A Security Camera

Safety is never a topic to be taken lightly, especially when concerning your family or property. As much as you might prefer it, peeping out the window any time you hear or spot something vaguely suspicious is eventually going to take a toll on you. What better way than to rely on a machine designed to record any and every activity at a directed space? From providing peace of mind 24/7 to reducing the cost of insurance premiums and deterring would-be intruders, installation of surveillance cameras is a worthwhile investment.

Ultimately, there are two types of cameras on the market:
1) Digital Internet Protocol (IP) cameras
2) Analogue closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras

IP cameras, such as the YesCam Wi-Fi cameras, are equipped with their own image processor. This means that they are able to send images and videos over Wi-Fi or Ethernet without the hassle and delays of dealing with a central recording device. Similarly, an analogue camera also comes with its own image processor, but this is where the similarities end. Raw signal data is sent via a cable to a digital video recorder, which then processes that data into a usable video. Basically, it all comes down to ease of use. If you prefer avoiding the routing of hardwired cables around your property and would rather have your Wi-Fi network support home security cameras, then a wireless option would best fit you.

Here is everything you need to know on Yescam security cameras, including their features and functions prior to making a purchasing decision.

Image quality and frame rates
Despite being a less expensive option, selecting a camera with a low visual quality defeats its purpose if it is not able to efficiently capture the image of intruders. A high-quality image is key to not only effective standards of precaution but may also serve to assist the police in identifying a suspect. Ideally, a 1080P resolution of recording quality would be perfectly suited for both the live feed and also for recording images. However, high-definition footages may even be retrieved from 720P resolutions.

Any lower than this, and the footage might not be clear enough if needed to be used in instances involving court cases. To reap the most out of your investment, a surveillance camera that records in full HS 1080P @ 15fps in real time is one feature to look out for.

Motion sensors and storage
There is no certainty in predicting when crime may strike, which thwarts any ideas of turning on the camera only at selected period such as night-time. However, considering the cameras are recording around the clock, storage space would be a concern. A smart option would be to choose a security camera with motion recording so that valuable space on the storage disc is not wasted.

Keeping a constant eye on the footage would not be necessary as you would be alerted via home security systems when the motion sensors triggered. Opting for ‘motion masking’ would also be convenient if your house is surrounded by bushes or trees. You don’t want to panic in receiving an alert just to find your tress swaying as a result of the breeze.

As mentioned, video files may take a chunk of memory storage, especially considering the installation of more than one camera. In the cases of IP cameras, you can look to store data on the cloud.

Bonus tip: Make sure to check out the storage capacity on the hard drive (HDD) or maximum hard drive it supports. As a rule of thumb, 1 camera running 24/7 at 1080p for a month would take up to 6TB of data, so a unit that has 2 TB on the HDD should serve a home security system.

Audio features
Recent years have taken up to including audio features in security cameras as a means of communication to visitors at the front door. If you find yourself interested in this feature, then you should probably be looking for something that provides you with a two-way audio. Night vision would also be an advantageous inclusion!

Make sure to consult your local professionals if you have any further enquiries or would simply like to view the available options. Here, at Home Safety Store, we are more than happy to assist your every need and concern. We take matters of safety very seriously and would love to help you find a suitable security camera to protect your family.