Home Security - Protecting Your Family & Belongings from Intruders

Home Security - Protecting Your Family & Belongings from Intruders

Australia ranks amongst the top ten countries in the world for home burglary rates, with Western Australia typically amongst the most burgled states.

Are you confident that you have done all you can to protect your family and belongings?

There are a plethora of things you can do to bolster your home security from simple measures like making sure you lock your doors and windows, to installing modern home security equipment.

Let's start with the basics...

Keep Your Home Locked

Would-be burglars are always on the lookout for easy targets. Most home break-ins occur through unlocked doors or open windows and a surprising amount happen during the daylight hours. First and foremost, make sure that you lock your doors and close your windows not only during the night, but every time you leave your home.

Don't Help to Conceal a Burglar

It's also important to remove items from your property that may conceal a burglar. They like privacy, so if you home is surrounded by thick bush or high fences it's more likely to be targeted. Try to remove the items that may provide privacy and provide a clear line of sight for neighbours and traffic passing by.

Use Your Neighbours

One of the best forms of security can be your neighbours. Make sure you make friends with them and ask them to keep a look out particularly if you are away on holiday. They can also park their car in your driveway if your car is not present, to provide an illusion that you are home.

Keep Your Valuables in a Safe Place

In the unlucky event that an intruder does enter your home, they'll want to locate your valuables as quickly as possible. Therefore, you'll ideally want to store your valuables in a safe, or as a minimum, in an inconspicuous place.

Taking it a step further...

There are several items that you can install at home to not only prevent burglars from entering, but make would-be burglars think twice about trying to break-in -

Security Screens & Doors

Now a common place in West Australian homes, security screens come in a variety of materials, designs, colours and finishes. By selecting screens that meet Australian standards, you're significantly decreasing your chances of a burglar entering your house via a front, side or back door.

Window Roller Shutters

But what about your windows? Security roller shutters not only provide a strong shield outside your windows, they allow you to control the amount of light, noise and heat that enters yours home. They are also available in a wide range of colours and styles to match just about any home. When accompanied by security doors they provide a strong visible shield around your home.

Alarm Systems

One of the most traditional forms of home security, an alarm system will not only act as a deterrent, but typically force a burglar to leave your home quickly if they manage to break-in. Most alarm systems now come with modern features like panic buttons, pet sensors and smoke detectors.

CCTV Camera Systems

Although a CCTV system will not bolster your security, they will act as a significant deterrent to would-be burglars. These days, CCTV camera systems are reasonably affordable and can often be operated using a smartphone.

Home Security Solutions from KNA Security

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