Eco Living for the Future

Eco Living for the Future

Eco living is emerging as a popular new lifestyle, with consumers realising that they can make a real difference by choosing environmentally friendly alternatives for shopping bags, clothes, and now even houses.

Manufacturers of innovative daylighting and ventilation systems, Solatube’s products create the perfect eco-friendly environment and make homes more comfortable.

According to Solatube General Manager, Mark Peall, using sunlight and it’s natural energy reduces green house gas emissions, therefore having less of an impact on our environment.

“The daylight and ventilation systems we offer are perfect solutions for environmentally friendly minded consumers as they dramatically reduce energy consumption in the home,” Mr Peall said.

“Our skylight systems are the ideal source of lighting in the home and allow you to make the most out of natural light whilst reducing electricity that would otherwise be used for lighting.

“We also offer ventilation systems that allow temperature control in the home as well as reducing heating and cooling costs,” he said.

Contributing to a sustainable local and global environment, Solatube products have substantial financial benefits.

“Solatube products are durable and have massive long term savings for consumers,” Mr Peall said.

The benefits of environmentally friendly home comfort products are being realised worldwide with builders, architects and interior designers opting to support the eco living lifestyle shift.

“It is important that, when people consider building or buying a new home, they take eco living products into account; it should be essential in the future development of any residential or commercial property,” Mr Peall said.

For more information on how you can help contribute to a sustainable future contact Solatube on 13 16 19 or visit