Powered by the sun

Powered by the sun

Heat and moisture can be irreparably harmful to roof cavities and attics so ventilation experts Solatube are suggesting their most technically advanced and environmentally friendly product ‘Solar Star’ as a must have, especially for the upcoming summer months.

High humidity levels can cause structural damage through mould, fungal decay and saturating insulation and at the same time, heat build-up in a roof is transferred into living areas, dramatically increasing both temperatures and energy bills.

The solar-powered Solar Star ventilation fan solves these problems by eliminating heat and humidity build-up in an environmentally friendly way.

A report by the government, “Energy Consumption in Residential Areas”, mentions that poor design of residential areas and individual homes exacerbates heat problems and increases reliance on air conditioning, which is a key source of driving peak electricity demands.

This leads to higher electricity demands by households therefore the use of energy efficient products are becoming more important.

According to Solatube General Manager Mark Peall, the Solar Star will reduce your overall electricity bill so you will not only save money but by saving energy you will also help to save the environment.

“By getting the Solar Star ventilation systems installed you can effectively eliminate your household’s greenhouse gas emissions by reducing your overall energy consumption.

He also says nothing compares to the Solar Star for efficient operation and overall effectiveness. “The benefits of proper ventilation speak for themselves.

“In the summer months, the temperature at the underneath side of the roof deck can reach 100 degrees but by circulating the air and ventilating the roof space, the Solar Star reduces heat build up which ultimately reduces air conditioning costs.

“It starts working as soon as the sun comes up instead of waiting until the temperature of the attic space reaches a preset temperature, as does a regular powered ventilator.

“It also protects critical roof structures, reducing heat and moisture build-up and best of all is leak proof,” Mr Peall said.

The Solar Star is the most functional of all ventilation systems due to its easy installation and the fact that it can be placed wherever improved air circulation and ventilation is most needed.

Solar Star ventilator fans are available to suit most roof types including corrugated, metal and tiled and can be installed in less than 30 minutes without needing an electrician.

“You can install it yourself not only in your home but in the garage, shed or any other closed area.

Solar Star ventilators are highly durable and contain an impact-resistance solar panel that provides protection from hail, wind and flying objects.

For a free, no obligation quote on energy efficient natural lighting and ventilation solutions contact one of Solatube’s local professional representatives today on 131619 or visit the website.