Seeing light for the elderly

Seeing light for the elderly

As people age, falling can become a very serious health issue and one of the leading causes of falling is insufficient light in an individual’s environment.

As aging eyes require a lot more light in order to see, standard lighting often becomes inadequate and artificial light tends to be glaring, therefore natural light provided from products such as Solatube skylights are vital.

When Solatube skylights are introduced into a living environment, the non-glare light can create a space with less shadow, which is often found with artificial light.

The National Safety Council contends that falling accidents are the leading cause of injury related death for people 75 years and older, which is an alarming statistic that can be dramatically improved through the use of skylights in the home.

According to Solatube’s National Product Manager, Greg Deale Solatube skylights can make a world of difference when it comes to elderly individual’s quality of life when indoors.

“When older people live in an environment filled with non-glare natural light, they not only approach the terrain more confidently, but they also tend to be less depressed, more social, less anxious, have a better appetite and even sleep better,” he said.

“The added benefits of natural light cannot be measured in dollars - it simply provides the opportunity to lead a much healthier and happier life, especially for people who are confined to an indoor environment,” Mr Deal said.

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