Summer electricity: switch off and save

Summer electricity: switch off and save

With summer just around the corner and electricity prices set to shoot up, home ventilation and skylight experts Solatube can give homeowners something to look forward to, other than a high electricity bill.

Although Australia’s electricity is generally low-cost by world standards, consumption has grown steadily over the past few years as our summers increase in temperature, and air conditioning becomes a necessity instead of a luxury.

According to Australian energy retailers, demands for energy in Australia is projected to increase by 50 per cent by 2020, and the energy industry has estimated that at least $37 billion in energy investments will be required by 2020 to meet the nation's energy needs.

As state power corporations prepare to meet consumers’ summer electricity needs with adequate electricity reserves and demand management plans in place, Solatube are looking to ease the load by suggesting Australian’s install skylights and ventilation systems as an initial way to fight the summer heat.

As well as introducing these environmentally friendly and innovative accessories into your homes, Solatube General Manager Mark Peall has some other simple and handy hints to help reduce energy consumption and electricity bills going through the roof.

“The production and use of energy comes with a major environmental challenge as it is the largest single contributor to global emissions of greenhouse gases,” Mr Peall said.

“Although we don’t expect people not to use their air conditioning units or go to extreme measure to save electricity, there are ways, such as installing air ventilators or skylights, that can vastly reduce energy consumption and in turn, household bills,” he said. Mr Peall’s advice to consumers includes:
  • Adjust air conditioning thermostats one or two degrees higher (air conditioning units often work best if run on 24 degrees) rather than operating them on the coolest setting;
  • Air condition only occupied rooms;
  • Switch non essential lights off;
  • Lower water heater temperatures;
  • Turn off electrical equipment when not in use
“For those who want to take it a step further, Solatube manufacture a high performance Solar powered roof vent to reduce heat build up by circulating the air and ventilating the roof space.

“The ventilation systems, such as the Solar Star work all year round and in the cooler months reduce moisture, minimising mould and mildew problems,” Mr Peall said.

With monthly temperatures already soaring into the early 30s, the spring months are the ideal time to start planning for the 2007-2008 summer season.

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