Tips to keep you warm and green this winter

Tips to keep you warm and green this winter

With winter underway and electricity bills soaring, it is time to cut costs and become environmentally responsible by switching to energy saving products.

According to Solatube General Manager and daylighting and ventilation expert Mark Peall, there are many energy saving actions you can take that are simple, cost effective and most importantly environmentally friendly.

“One of the easiest ways to save both environmentally and financially is to switch to energy saving lighting solutions as you automatically remove unnecessary lighting costs by leveraging off natural sunlight.

“Natural lighting solutions keep rooms vibrantly lit and can be integrated into any home without compromising room warmth,” he said.

Mr Peall suggests that another way of keeping homes warmer and reducing heating costs is to insulate and ventilate your home.

“Insulation protects homes from outside temperatures whilst ventilation eliminates condensation that occurs throughout the colder months, making the winter climate more comfortable.

“Keeping curtains drawn throughout winter months will also assist in insulating the home as most room temperature is lost through uncovered windows.

“The only issue with closing curtains in homes is that rooms become darker which is why energy efficient skylights are useful in keeping rooms both well lit and at a comfortable temperature,” he said.

Mr Peall also encourages people to use clothes lines to dry washing rather than clothes dryers as there are no greenhouse gasses emitted and no energy costs involved.

“Accepting environmental responsibility is fundamental for a sustainable future and with so many energy saving options available everyone should consider reducing their carbon footprint this winter,” he said.

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