Adelaide Self Storage Facilities that are Poetry In Motion

Adelaide Self Storage Facilities that are Poetry In Motion

Adelaide Self Storage Facilities that are Poetry In Motion where people can vote for the ‘Most Stressful Life Events’ Currently has ‘Moving House’ at number one and ‘Selling A House’ at number eight. Suffice to say there are obviously many other stressful events that would top these. Nevertheless moving & storage does figure highly when considering life’s most stressful events.

Have you ever noticed how stressed out you get when you attempt to undertake something that you have absolutely no idea about. When it’s in the area of your expertise it just seems so much easier. Knowing a lot about moving and storage I feel it is quite straight forward and doesn’t involve rocket science, but the number of people who come to me for help when attempting this process is amazing. Some people just don’t know where to start. And that’s ok.

I want to digress for a moment and sneak in a small tribute to our beautiful dad. Dad was a wonderful market gardener. What he was able to do with trees and crops was incredible. Watching him tinker in his market garden was poetry in motion. He would often marvel at how computers and the internet worked where as to me they are second nature. But then I often would marvel at his amazing skills on the land. He could graft one type of fruit tree into another like a seasoned professional. He simply had a green thumb and it came naturally to him. He came round and planted my trees for me and set them up on automatic sprinkling and the trees began sprouting fruit in no time. And yet I would not know where to start. His ability to produce fruit and vegetables, wine, oil and the white spirit was wonderful. With all my years of study and computer knowledge what came natural to him was a mystery to me. What beautiful fond memories he has left us with God bless him. We love you Dad.

Dad taught me that each one has his own skills and talents. And when you venture out of those it can often seem all too hard. So when it comes to moving and/or storage I think it’s important to go to someone who is in the know. Don’t get stressed out and worry. To Self Storage 2000, getting the job done and doing it right comes very easily. Our Adelaide facilities have experienced personnel which have been doing it for so long it is second nature to them. And very importantly we are family owned & run. We will look after you effortlessly, so much so that you will be able to safely remove ‘moving house’ (and self storage) from the top 10 list. Whether you are a commercial customer or business needing storage or a household looking to move and store your goods. Perhaps you need storage for your car or other vehicle? Our storage units are set up to accommodate your needs and our storage places are of the highest standard.

So don’t be shy. Contact us and let us get rid of all the guess work from this part of life’s journey. Check out our website for information and pricing at our 3 Self Storage 2000 Adelaide locations, South, North & Central.

Yours sincerely,

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