The Best Ways You Can Utilise Shipping Containers For Your Home

The Best Ways You Can Utilise Shipping Containers For Your Home

A shipping container used to just be for shipping cargo and storing stuff, but these days they are used for so many other purposes because of their strength and durability, and the fact that the construction “shell” is already in place, so it’s often just a matter of modifying them for other uses.

In the modern world people use them for office space, to create a mobile pop-up store or roadside kitchen. All sorts of stuff.

There are also a number of ways you can adapt shipping containers – new or used – for specific purposes around the home, and that’s what we’ll be focusing on in this post.

Here’s a quick list of some topics (uses) we’ll be covering:
  • Granny Flat
  • Man Cave
  • Garden Shed
  • Workshop
  • Home Office
  • Home Extension
  • Teenage Retreat
  • Music Studio
  • Storage
The Granny Flat
Granny flats have always been popular. It’s a way for people to stay over or live on your property without you being under each others’ feet all the time. It’s about independence, but also being close by.
Now a granny flat doesn’t have to be restricted to grandparents. Anyone can use it or live in it. You could even rent it out for some extra income.

The great thing about constructing a granny flat from one or more shipping containers is the main framework is already there. It’s just a matter of having it modified. Even a 20-foot shipping container will provide enough space for a small bathroom, bedroom area and mini kitchen and living quarters.

You could also combine two 20-foot containers, or make a long granny flat out of a 40 foot container.

The Man Cave
Buy yourself a used shipping container and have it repurposed specifically for your needs and delivered right to your back yard.

A converted shipping container can be transformed into an awesome man cave, where you can enjoy a few cold ones and watch your favourite sports.

With proper insulation and some air conditioning installed, you’ll be styling in your own personal space in absolute comfort.

Garden Shed
Even the smaller variety of shipping container – the 10 footer – would likely be a great size for a basic garden shed. Inside you can store your tools, lawnmower, whipper snipper, fuel. Anything you like really.

The great thing about shipping containers is they are super tough and secure. Install a shipping container lock box and it’ll be virtually impossible for anyone to break into your shed.

A Backyard Workshop
Imagine converting a 20-foot cargo container into a fully-fledged workshop, right in your own backyard.

If you’re a home handyperson, or maybe you’re running some sort of manufacturing business from home, a workshop refashioned from a shipping container is perfect.

Instead of having the access doors at the end, you could buy a side loading container and switch out the swinging steel doors for two handy roller doors. This gives you instant access to your entire workshop, as well as letting in lots of natural light and fresh air.

A Home Office
This is an option that’s on the increase, turning a shipping container – usually a 20-foot container – into a trendy home office, possibly located in the front yard of the home.

The good thing about conversions into office space is you don’t necessarily have to do a lot. Add some insulation, a few windows and lights, some air conditioning and redo the floor. You’ll probably want to change out the steel doors for a glass sliding door to let in even more light and make it look more like an entrance.

Having a home office like this means you can still conduct business from home while keeping it separate from your house. It’ll also save you a ton of money on renting expensive office space.

Add A Home Extension
Home extensions are a common way to make use of shipping containers at home. If it’s just to add on a spare or extra bedroom, you don’t need plumbing or anything. Just electricity, some windows, a nice paint job and a bedroom door.

From there it’s just a matter of filling the room with furniture and possibly carpeting the floor.

Shipping container conversions for house extensions are a fast and cost-effective way to go. Plus, most of the conversion can be done off-site.

Teenage Retreat
Get the teenagers out of your hair by building them their very own retreat in the backyard, and you can do it much more cheaply if you make it from a used shipping container.

Let them play their music loud away from the house. They can have their friends come over to hang out without you arriving home from work to find your living room full of people.

A Music Studio
If you or someone in your family plays guitar or drums or some other musical instrument, you could build them a soundproof room out of a used shipping container.

You could also transform the container into a small music studio for recording and rehearsals as well.

A modified shipping container would be perfect for this purpose.

Shipping Containers for Storage
Maybe all you want a shipping container for is storage. If that’s the case, so long as it’s weather proof, virtually no modifications will be necessary.

Containers are great for storing things because of the security factor. You can keep all your boxes in there, spare furniture, such as extra chairs when guests come over for a BBQ. Store your Christmas decorations and tree. Anything you like.

So long as rainwater and pests can’t access the container, it’ll be the perfect storage unit and very conveniently located.

Shipping containers can be repurposed for many handy and fantastic uses around the home. If you need extra space or an extra room for anything at all, then look into the possibility of buying a shipping container and having it modified.

It’ll be cheaper than you think and the results can be amazing.

Image source: Tiger Containers