Things to Look For When Hiring a Self Storage Facility

When hiring a self storage facility, you need to look for certain important things that will typically include the following:

Well-Maintained & Orderly Self Storage Facility
A well maintained and neat self storage facility you should look for. What does the neat, clean and well maintained self storage signify? It signifies “The storage facility is well managed and they have a professional staff, which will be always available to help you”.

24 Hours Access Facility
24 hours access won’t be there in all self storage centres so it’s imperative to verify and see what their access hours are. Some self storage centres are open from seven or eight in the morning till five or six in the evening. In some centres, you get 24 hours access on all seven days of the week. If you want to access your storage unit during late night hours, you certainly should opt for the centre that provides 24 hours access.

Friendly Staff
You need to look for a friendly staff that will be there to assist when you require them. In deciding the storage unit size that you need, a professional staff will be able to help you. Additionally, they will also be able to help you in deciding if you require a storage unit that is climate controlled or non-climate controlled. Typically, a climate controlled unit will be required to store precious wine in its original form with its freshness.

Hand Carts & Elevator for Storing Convenience
You will require hand carts to assist you to move your belongings into self storage units that are located in the innermost units in the building. Also, in case you need to store in a multiple story self storage building, you would require an elevator.

Capability to Accept Delivery of Packages
The self storage need to have the capability to accept delivery of packages from FedEx, DHL or other types of delivery services so you can use such delivery service when in urgent need.
Get it cleared whether they would put such a delivery in your rented unit or hold it in a storage facility. In case, the storage facility is holding it, ensure that they are holding the delivery in a safe place till the time when you are able to visit and place it in your storage unit. Also, you need to look for the safety and security of the storage facility.

Secure Gate Access
The storage facility should be equipped with a secure gate which can be only accessed through a code to enter or exit the storage area. Appropriate security cameras should be installed that would monitor the entire storage facility area. This level of safety should assist in preventing any kind of theft that might happen.

Insurance Cover
Ensure if the storage units provide any kind of insurance cover for all the belongings stored in your self storage unit in Sydney. In majority of the cases, your homeowner’s insurance policy will cover the stuff, but always make it a point to check with your insurance company.