How to Build a Synthetic Grass Tennis Court

Building a tennis court can be a fantastic investment for your health and recreation, but you need to make sure you plan and execute it properly to get the most out of the expenditure. Here's what to keep in mind.

What Is Your Budget?

When you budget for construction, you need to look at all aspects, including:
  • What kind of civil works are required, for example? You are affecting your court's surroundings, not just the playing area, after all. If you will need retaining walls around your court, you may require additional permits;
  • What your base surface is because this impacts on what kind of foundation you require;
  • What your court surfacing will be;
  • What lighting you need - Currently, LED lights provide the best all-day lighting. Make sure you look into lighting that won't affect your neighbours' enjoyment of their properties.
  • Whether you will be building a fence around the court; and of course,
  • Labour costs.
Do You Have the Right Site?
  • Measurements. The standard tennis court playing area is 23.77m x 10.972m, but you also need space around the perimeter if you plan on hitting the occasional powerful ace. Home tennis courts are between 30m x 15m (the minimum you should consider) to 36.5m x 18.2m (international size), the ideal being about 33.5m x 16.2m.
  • How the court will affect your other outdoor areas. Don't block the view from the house with your tennis court, or ruin the aesthetic of your property by disrupting your beautifully landscaped flora. Make sure the court's placement complements your outdoor entertaining areas or other features, like a swimming pool.
  • When you expect to play. If you intend to play tennis throughout the year, assess the court's position so minimize visibility problems; they will occur at some point during the year, given the movement of the sun. The traditional layout is North-South.
Synthetic Grass
  • There are many types of artificial turf - different looks, materials, drainage, and infill, for example. Playing conditions will vary depending on what you choose, so do your research and make inquiries.
  • The costs of installation will depend on the factors such as the layout of your property, how easy the area is to access, and whether there are obstacles such as rocks to remove.
Who Will You Hire to Build the Tennis Court?

The Sports Contractors Association of Australia has minimum standards for court construction.

Standards of construction

When building your tennis court, you will have to meet the minimum standards and specifications of the Sports Contractors Association of Australia, as well as the Cement and Concrete Association. You should get a reputable, experienced company that can:
  • give you advice about the best positioning and surfaces for your court;
  • make sure construction complies with State Planning Laws; and
  • can build the best tennis court within your budget.