Unfilled Travertine Tiles

Unfilled Travertine Tiles

Unfilled Travertine gives a beautiful rustic look and feel. It is best for outdoor use, as the rain and the elements clean out the holes, as well as the fact that you can use a hose pipe to wash the surface.

Precaution needs to be taken as this tile is not completely anti slip but because of the brushed finish there is an advantage to using this outside instead of the honed smooth travertine.

For use indoors it is recommended to sponge fill the holes so the dirt does not collect in them.

This is an easy procedure of applying non-sanded grout to the surface with a sponge to fill the deep holes but not completely filling them to be able to keep the rustic unfilled look and feel in your travertine.

There are 2 options of Unfilled travertine we supply namely Unfilled Straight edge and Unfilled Tumbled. Both of these products have their own unique rustic look.

For Further information on sizes available please contact us at www.artmar.com.au