How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Tree?

How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Tree?

Tree removal is essential for almost any property. Getting rid of dead trees and falling branches can massively boost curb appeal and increase the overall value of your property. They can also prevent damage to your building’s foundation or driveway. However, tree felling isn’t a job for inexperienced hands. In addition to having the right skills, you should also understand the dangers involved. Expert tree felling services are the best option, but they come at some cost. This article will examine how much it costs to remove a tree.

The price of tree removal
In most cases, the average cost of tree removal services can range from $150 to $10,000, depending on various factors like the size and height of the tree. You can summarise the costs as follows:
  • 8 metres of smaller and narrow trunks may cost approximately $150 to $500
  • Wide trunks around 8 metres may cost approximately $200 – $1,000
  • Larger trunks around 23 metres or more may cost $1500 or more

Please note that you may also pay some permit fees, which may cost approximately $50.00 to $150.00.

Types of trees that you should remove
With the required permission, you can hire a tree removal company to remove pretty much any tree on your property. A tree removalist service can cover the following types of trees.
  • Infested trees: Insects may infest trees by boring holes into them, causing them to starve.
  • Damaged trees: Natural disasters like storms and floods can damage trees and compromise their structural integrity.
  • Dead, decaying or dying tree: This covers any tree that can no longer grow or is dying due to diseases.
  • Trees too close to your property: Trees that are too close to your property can damage your building’s foundation.
  • Trees that provide too much shade: Removalists can prune trees that prevent adequate sunlight from reaching parts of your property like your garden.

Factors affecting costs
As mentioned earlier, various factors can affect how much you may end up paying for a professional tree removalist service. You can use the following factors to assess your situation and estimate your costs:
  • The size of your tree: Larger trees require more work to fall than smaller ones.
  • Where your tree is located: How far the tree is will affect transportation costs.
  • The difficulty in accessing the tree: If the removalist needs to work around complications to access the tree, that can affect the cost.
  • The precautions a removalist needs to take: These are important to prevent injuries and damage to your property.
  • Will the removalist need to remove the tree stump? Removing the tree stump is dangerous and requires the use of heavy equipment as well as manual labour.
  • Will the removalist need to transport the removed tree to recycle it?
  • The permit fees included will also increase the cost.

Choosing an arborist
A professional and well-trained local arborist knows how best to remove a tree to prevent adverse effects on your property or other trees. When choosing an arborist, consider one that has the following:
  • Great reviews and testimonials
  • Experience and qualification
  • The necessary modern equipment

In conclusion, tree removal falls outside your everyday DIY projects. It requires trained hands with experience to do it safely and well. Such professional services come at a cost determined by various factors.