How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Tree in Sydney

How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Tree in Sydney

When you have a tree removed, you want a trained professional to do the job. Not only do they have experience and the necessary equipment, but they also have the knowledge of any council rules or regulations you have to follow and comply with.

Your tree removal cost will fluctuate depending on several factors. If you want the company to remove the tree, grind down the stump, and remove the stump, it will cost you more. However, if you simply want them to fell the tree and you take care of the rest, it'll cost less. Your local council regulations also play a key role in the prices. The tree's location factors in as well as the size, and you may have to pay a council fee as well.

While it isn't possible to give you an exact estimate on your tree removal price, we do have several rough estimates available. They take into account the average tree removal costs in the Sydney area. The exact cost will fluctuate depending on the type of tree, the tree's location, and the tree's condition.

Tree Removal Only Costs

If you want the company to remove the tree only and not perform any additional work, this can be your most cost-effective option. Narrow trunk trees that are eight metres and smaller cost between $150 to $500. Medium trees with trunks ranging from 23 metres and smaller typically cost between $200 to $1,000 including cutting, removal and equipment. Finally, large trees start at roughly $1,500 and go up. Council fees can range from $50 to $150 per tree.

Additional Cost Factors

Depending on how many challenges come with removing your trees, the cost can go up over $10,000. Challenges or special situations you want to consider include: stump removal, log splitting, night or weekend jobs, on-site toxic materials, tipping fees, limb removal, storm damage or difficult to remove locations.

Consider your budget and the various factors involved in removing your tree. It's vital to compare estimates before you select a company, and Jonnie at Wolf Trees & Gardens will be happy to help you with any and all tree removal needs you have. Give them a ring to get a fast and free quote today!