Steps to Remove a Dangerous Tree

Steps to Remove a Dangerous Tree

When you’ve finally achieved the Australian dream of owning your own home, you want to keep it looking beautiful. A lush backyard of trees provides shade, shelter and a splash of greenery in any backyard, but trees can come with their own problems.

Why would you need to remove a tree?

At some point, most homeowners will need to remove a tree for any number of reasons. The trees around you are living things and they age just like us. Over time this means they may become old and brittle and for safety reasons, you might need to remove them.

If you’ve noticed any of the below signs it’s probably time to consider removing the tree.
  • The tree is dropping branches for no reason
  • There are large cracks or holes in the tree
  • The tree is leaning over

Find out more signs of a dangerous tree according to the experts at Wolf Trees.

Costs of Tree Removal

Removing a tree can be quite a costly exercise, ranging from $150-$10,000, so it’s not something you should take lightly. There are many factors that can affect the cost including:
  • Ease of access to the tree
  • The size of the tree
  • The level of difficulty
  • The location of the tree

You’ll also need to factor in council fees and possibly extra costs for weekend work, stump removal and more. It’s a good idea to get at least three inspections and quotes since estimates can vary from one company to the next. A rough estimate of typical fees is below.

Removal only:
  • For narrow trees <8m tall: $150.00 to $500.00
  • For very wide trees: $200.00 and $1,000.00
  • For larger trees: $1,500.00 and up

Tree Removal Regulations in NSW

Given the cost, you’re probably wondering “can I just remove the tree myself?”. There are options for removing trees yourself but be sure to check with your local council first. Even though the tree may be on your land, it does not mean you are free to remove it. Removing a tree without prior approval can result in hefty fines.

If your tree is not of significant importance or a protected tree, you will be able to remove it yourself as long as you have the required permits.

Speak to your local council for more information on the regulations surrounding tree removal.
Steps to remove a tree on your property

Once you’ve contacted your local council and confirmed that you can remove the tree it may still be best to get quotes from professional tree removal companies.

If the tree is quite small or the removal isn’t too complex you might be able to remove it yourself. To do this follow the steps below:
  1. Section off an area around the tree to protect other people from falling debris.
  2. Make sure to wear safety gear including full-length clothing, boots, and safety glasses.
  3. Set up a ladder and enlist the help of a friend to hold it steady.
  4. Remove smaller branches first, then the larger branches. For speedy work use a chainsaw. Make sure to always cut facing away from your body
  5. Once the branches are removed, cut through the trunk so that the tree falls. Make sure that there is enough space around you for the tree to safely fall.
  6. Cut the tree in sections until you’re left with just the stump.
  7. You can use a special poison available from hardware stores to kill the tree stump.

If you’re thinking about removing a tree from your property contact the professionals at Wolf Trees & Gardens today.