Top Tips For Looking After Trees In Winter

Top Tips For Looking After Trees In Winter

Winter is surprisingly stressful for trees and it is crucial to look after them carefully in order to protect them, yourself and your property. A little effort in preparing your tall timbers for the onslaught of winter will go a long way to help them survive and thrive for years to come.
Here’s a cold season checklist for your trees:

· Inspect your trees to make sure they are structurally sound and check for hazards such as overhanging branches. A heavy storm or strong winds may cause branches to break and fall, damaging your property.

· Prune weak and vulnerable branches. Pruning is an effective way of minimising the risk of branch breakage and ensuring the optimum shape of the tree.

· Pay special attention to deciduous trees. Winter is a great time to assess the structure and health of deciduous trees but it can also be a particularly challenging time for them. The wood can harden and become more brittle during the colder months, making deciduous trees more susceptible to damage from strong winds.

· Look after newly planted and young trees. These trees don’t yet have established root systems and this lack of a strong foundation makes them more vulnerable in strong winds - particularly if the surrounding soil is waterlogged from heavy rain. The solution may be to brace or cable the tree to stabilise it, but it is worthwhile getting professional advice from a qualified arborist.

· Prepare your trees for winter. Strong, healthy trees need TLC, so it is a good idea to mulch around the base of the tree during autumn (taking care not to lay the mulch up against the trunk) and apply some fertiliser to promote root growth.

Tree choice is another key factor in preventing winter dangers in your garden.

According to a leading arborist in Perth, the choice of tree should depend on the local climate, soil type and the location of the tree. In many instances, native species are the most appropriate option because they have adapted to local conditions.

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