Tree Removal Regulations in Waverley

Tree Removal Regulations in Waverley

Do you need to remove a tree near your Waverley home? You might want to do so if it dies, obstructs a scenic view or becomes thoroughly diseased. Likewise, root damage to water or sewer pipes may call for removal.

Prices for tree removal application

Unless you qualify for the concession rate, you'll have to pay a fee of $77. The fee rises to $108 if you want to cut down two trees and $139 for three. Waverley Council accepts money orders, cheques, credit cards and cash.

Identify protected trees

Regardless of the reason, you might need the Waverley Council's approval to cut it down. For example, this proves necessary for most trees of medium to large size.

You'll need permission if a plant appears on Waverley's list of Heritage Items or its Significant Tree Register (PDF file). Some of these trees are found on private land. Others have public locations, such as the rusty fig at Waverley College.

Make sure it's actually on your property. If the local government considers it a street tree, you can't remove or prune it. However, you could express your concerns to the council and hope that it will take steps to address the problem.

When you need permission for removal, you should always fill out Waverley's tree permit form (PDF). Next, the council will let you know if you must complete a development application. This step only applies to significant trees, heritage items and conservation zones.

The permit application consists of two relatively simple pages. You'll need to supply some details on the plant species and location. Consider including a report from a plumber, arborist or structural engineer who advocates removal.

It may take one to two months for the local government to fully approve the project. An official will contact you less than 15 days after you apply. He or she will set up an appointment and visit your property to perform an inspection.

What You Can Prune or Remove without Council Approval

The government doesn't have to give you permission to remove or trim small trees. Generally, you don't need approval if the base of the trunk spans less than 300 millimetres wide and the height or canopy width measures fewer than five metres.

Species That Can Be Removed Without Permission

You can remove some species without approval. They include cocos palms, willows, hackberry, oleander, citrus, African olive, Rhus and two types of privets. You'll have to contact the council but won't need an application.

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