4 Awesome Artificial Lawn Installations in Sydney

4 Awesome Artificial Lawn Installations in Sydney

When it comes to your lawn, there are certain areas around your home that require more care than other areas. High traffic areas, areas with a lot of obstacles, or places with kids or pets are some great examples.

You need a professional and knowledgeable company to help with these areas to ensure that they're done correctly. This is where Lifestyle Lawns Australia excels. Below are four examples of their work so you can see exactly what artificial laws can do for you.

1. Sutherland Shire Backyard Synthetic Lawn Installation

The backyard can be a high-traffic area in your lawn. When you combine this high traffic with the hot Australian sun, you can end up with brown or dry patches. It can also be an area where mud your grass doesn't grow right up to the sides of your patios or deck, and this can leave a dirty or muddy track for people to walk through. This is the dilemma that a family in Caringbah South faced.

Their guests would drag this mud into and through their home each time they went outside and came back in. However, Lifestyle Lawns Australia suggested a relatively simple and hassle-free solution to this frustrating problem to help end the family's war on mud and dirt making its way onto their carpets.

The staff at Lifestyle Lawns Australia brought in a 33 square metre by 90mm piece of synthetic grass to replace the homeowner's natural grass. Additionally, they made sure that the artificial turf came right up tight to the sides of the patios or walkways so there wasn't a chance for mud to make its way into the home from these common problem areas.

The family gets peace of mind because the artificial turf comes with an eight-year warranty, and it's safe for pets, kids, and guests. The staff also offered a consultation before the installation so the lawn owners knew exactly what to expect. They knew with confidence they would end with a gorgeous, lush lawn year round.

2. Sydney North Shore Synthetic Lawn Installation

During the boiling Australian summer months, family and friends like to hang out in the backyard and enjoy the pool or cool shaded areas. Unfortunately, this puts a lot of stress on your lawn. As a result, you can end up with worn areas or a lot of dirt and mud that seems to get inside everything, including your home.

It also means more work for you as you mow, trim, weed and try to keep your grass healthy during the spring and summer seasons. Recently, a family in Cammeray decided to make the switch from a traditional lawn to artificial turf with the help of Lifestyle Lawns Australia.

The staff came in, assessed the situation, and made a recommendation on how much artificial turf to install. The end result is a beautiful and full lawn that requires almost no maintenance to keep it looking beautiful, no matter how many family and friends spend time on it.

They can now enjoy their yard and have peace of mind because the artificial turf doesn't use any harsh chemicals, it reflects the sunlight to make it cool to the touch and it's very low-maintenance. These qualities allow the family to get the most out of their summer.

3. Strathfield Synthetic Lawn Installation

Anyone with kids will tell you that spending time outside is an excellent way for them to play and burn off some of that seemingly endless energy. Unfortunately, this also puts a lot of stress and strain on your lawn that can result in brown, burnt, or worn out eyesores on your lawn. It can also be unpleasantly warm to the touch.

A family in Strathfield contacted Lifestyle Lawns Australia to get artificial turf installed in their backyard. The staff came in, surveyed the area, and gave them a quote. They then replaced a 60 square metre piece of natural turf with a Nouveu 40mm and Schmitz Proplay 23mm shock pad. The turf had Cool Plus yarn woven into it. This yard reflects the sun's light, resulting in a cool and comfortable space for the kids to play on.

The homeowners didn't have to worry about cutting or trimming it because it's very low-maintenance. This freed up more of their time to spend with their family playing and bonding all summer long. Their crispy, brown grass is now a thing of the past, and they have a yard that they couldn't wait to show off.

4. Sutherland Shire Synthetic Lawn Installation

Do you want to rescue your weekend and spend it with your family instead of trying to take care of your lawn? This is the goal that a family in Dolans Bay had in mind when they contacted Lifestyle Lawns Australia to inquire about synthetic lawn installation.

They wanted a professional and knowledgeable company with an excellent reputation for high-quality customer service to perform the installation. They also wanted a synthetic lawn that was low-maintenance and safe for their kids and pets.

They got all of this along with a beautiful and lush look with Lifestyle Lawns Australia's synthetic lawn. They now have a lawn that is safe for the environment, cool to the touch and one that keeps a gorgeous look all season long.

They received a free no-obligation quote before the installation started, and they got the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their lawn comes backed by a seven-year installation warranty with an eight-year manufacturer's warranty.

Take a look and see what Lifestyle Lawns Australia can do for your yard. Call for a free, no-obligation quote and get on your way to a healthy and beautiful lawn today!