5 Benefits of a Synthetic Lawn

5 Benefits of a Synthetic Lawn

Having a lawn in your backyard is part of the great Australian dream, but looking after it can be time-consuming and expensive. An artificial lawn is a great alternative, with realistic synthetic grass offering some advantages over natural turf. Not only can an artificial lawn reduce your workload and help you rescue your valuable weekend time, but it can also save you money on maintenance. Lifestyle Lawns Australia provides durable synthetic grass for demanding Australian conditions, with full installation services and complete DIY solutions both available. Let's take a look at five of the most significant benefits to having a synthetic lawn.

1. Doesn't need mowing
How much time do you waste mowing and brush-cutting your grass? Would you prefer to be spending this time with friends and family? Perhaps the best thing about an artificial lawn is that it requires little to no maintenance. Instead of spending hours every week mowing in the hot Australian sun, you could rescue your weekends and enjoy your valuable time with the people you love.

Once installed, synthetic turf never needs cutting, with ongoing maintenance requiring little more than a plastic rake or leaf blower. You can finally sell the lawn mower you hate so much, and get rid of that annoying whipper-snipper that only seems to start when it feels like it. If you're sick and tired of wasting your valuable weekends mowing your lawn, Lifestyle Lawns Australia provide synthetic grass installation in Sydney and comprehensive DIY support.

2. Doesn't need weeding
Once weeds get a foothold in natural turf, they can quickly take over. Weeding a natural lawn is necessary to keep it looking fresh and clean, with this ongoing process both time consuming and expensive. This is an especially big problem in hot and humid Australian conditions, with common weeds including bindii, cape weed, cats ear, dandelion, and crowsfoot grass just to name a few. Some of these weeds can be dangerous to children and pets if they are not eradicated properly.

Weeding the lawn is a major annoyance for many Aussie homeowners, who spend hours cleaning up their lawn only to watch the weeds come back a few weeks later. Weed control can also be toxic and potentially dangerous, with nasty chemicals often used to kills weeds or keep them in check. An artificial lawn avoids all of these problems by using safe and durable synthetic materials that don't require weed killers, fertilisers, or pesticides.

3. Consistency - It always looks great
While natural lawns can look great when a lot of work has gone into them, they can also look messy, muddy, and generally untidy. In comparison, the durable and synthetic nature of artificial grass means it always appears neat. These qualities help it look great regardless of the conditions, with the colour staying beautifully green over time and the leaf structure staying intact irrespective of the weather.

Lifestyle Lawns Australia provide a range of synthetic grass installation services in Sydney, with their popular products based on natural Couch, Kikuyu, Saltene, and Zoysia turf. The synthetic materials used to create this artificial grass are designed to stay the same colour even in the toughest climate conditions - season after season, year after year. The different leaf blade and colour options available at Lifestyle Lawns Australia will have your lawn looking perfect all year round.

4. You will save money on maintenance
While everyone knows that natural grass takes a lot of time to maintain, it can also cost a lot of money. When you add up all of the expenses involved, you may be surprised at just how much your natural lawn is setting you back. From large expenses like mowers and brush-cutters through to smaller costs such as petrol, wire, and equipment service, cutting your lawn is an ongoing and unnecessary expense.

It's not just cutting your lawn that's expensive, though, every aspect of lawn maintenance comes at a cost. From the fertilisers and weed killers you need to support healthy growth through to water bills and garden tools, installing synthetic turf will free up money as well as time. When it comes time to replace artificial turf, the process is much easier and less expensive than replacing a natural landscape with grass seeds or real turf.

5. Friendly on the Earth and safe for your household
Artificial grass is a friendly and easy to use lawn solution that is perfect for kids, pets, and people with allergies. Modern synthetic lawns don't just look more realistic than ever, they are also safer and more environmentally friendly. Since this product requires no maintenance from petrol or electric-powered lawn equipment, it's more eco-friendly in many ways than natural grass.

Synthetic grass has also become the preferred option for people with allergies, with the neutral synthetic materials used during production free from pollen and grass seeds. This is also great for young children and pets, who can develop problems with insects and ticks living in natural grass. The lack of toxic chemicals and contaminated runoff water with artificial grass is also a positive.

Lifestyle Lawns Australia provides synthetic grass installation across Sydney, including supply and DIY services. The turf they use has been specially designed and manufactured for tough Australian conditions, and comes with both manufacturing and installation warranties. As leading synthetic grass installers in Sydney since 1995, Lifestyle Lawns Australia are ready to help you rescue your weekends. Please call for a free quote today on 1300 1LAWNS, or visit the website.