An Introduction to Lifestyle Lawns Australia

An Introduction to Lifestyle Lawns Australia

An artificial lawn can reduce your work load and improve your quality of life. Lifestyle Lawns Australia provide durable and realistic artificial lawns for demanding Australian conditions. We provide full installation services and complete DIY solutions with our quality turf products, all manufactured in Australia to the highest industry standards. As leading synthetic grass installers in Sydney since 1995, Lifestyle Lawns Australia has the experience and expertise that your backyard deserves.

Our synthetic turf products have been designed to meet Australian quality and climate standards. Our lawns have been tried and tested on everything from sports fields through to suburban backyards, and come with both manufacturer and installation warranties. We know how to do the job right the first time, and always listen to our customers to make sure they're getting what they need.

Our high level of customer service and meticulous attention to detail is unsurpassed, with our experienced team of installers offering a quick and hassle-free service you can rely on. The durable products provided by Lifestyle Lawns Australia require very little maintenance, making it easy for you to reclaim your weekends and spend time with the people you love.

Lifestyle Lawns Australia - supply and installation
Lifestyle Lawns Australia provide a complete supply and installation service. Our experienced team of professional installers can get you up and running quickly and with minimum disruption to your everyday life. While you can always go it alone and install your own synthetic grass, there's nothing easier than leaving it to the professionals. Here at Lifestyle Lawns Australia, we realise that every job is different. We go out of our way to consult with our customers and give them the quality of service that they deserve. As leading synthetic grass installers in Sydney for over 20 years, Lifestyle Lawns Australia offer a fully licensed and insured installation service.

Lifestyle Lawns Australia - supply and DIY
Along with a complete installation service, Lifestyle Lawns Australia also provide a comprehensive do-it-yourself solution. While it's not as quick and easy as bringing in the experts, this DIY option is perfect for many of our customers. Installing an artificial lawn yourself is an affordable way to access our great products, with our professional delivery service bringing our synthetic lawns directly to your door. If you're ready to rescue your weekends with an artificial lawn, this is a great option. For those of you who are feeling handy, our website comes with an installation guide to help you get started.

The turf products we use
Lifestyle Lawns Australia use a range of quality synthetic turf products, all of which are designed to meet the climate demands of Australia. As an authorised agent for APTA (Advanced Polymer Technology Australasia), we only use CoolPlus yarn that is made in Australia. Not only are our products perfect for the tough local conditions, they are also completely safe for kids and pets. Our synthetic turf products are modelled on popular natural turf, including Couch, Kikuyu, Saltene, and Zoysia.

Evergreen Esplanade 22/30/40
This is our most popular product, with a durable and realistic design modelled on natural Couch turf. The Esplanade range features a fine leaf finish that is both soft and durable. This synthetic turf is suitable for both front and backyard installations, and is manufactured in 3.68m wide x 20m long sections.

Evergreen Nouveau 25/35/40
The Nouveau range of artificial turf is based on Kikuyu natural turf, which has a medium width leaf and bright green colour. Typically coupled with a green or beige sub-pile, this synthetic grass is perfect for a wide range of installations. It comes in a 3.66m x 20m size.

Evergreen Summer Breeze
Evergreen Summer Breeze is modelled on Saltene natural turf, which features a fine leaf but still manages to be durable and rugged in appearance. Manufactured in standard 3.68m wide x 20m long sections, the Summer Breeze range has a natural colour combination of face and sub-pile that reduces infill material displacement.

Evergreen A-Cool
The A-Cool range of artificial grass features a slightly wider leaf blade, which has been modelled after Zoysia natural turf. Coming in a standard size of 3.66m wide x 20m long, A-Cool turf features natural colour combinations and is popular in domestic environments.

Benefits of using synthetic turf

Installing synthetic turf provides a number of advantages to busy Australians, including less maintenance, more free time on the weekends, and greater durability. Lifestyle Lawns Australia helps you reclaim your weekends by providing you with a quality product that is capable of standing the tests of time.

Natural lawn requires lots of ongoing maintenance, with hours of mowing and brush cutting being standard throughout the year. Regular fertilising is also needed. In contrast, our synthetic lawn products need little more than a leaf blower or small rake to get them looking like new.

When it has been installed properly and given just a little TLC, our artificial lawn products regularly last between 15 and 20 years. Our turf has been specifically designed and manufactured to meet the demands of the tough Australian climate, and comes with a manufacturer's warranty of 8 years.

As leading synthetic grass installers in Sydney since 1995, Lifestyle Lawns Australia are ready to help you rescue your weekends and start living your life to the fullest. Please call for a free quote today on 1300 1LAWNS, or visit our website.