What is the Cost of Installing Artificial Lawn in Your Yard?

What is the Cost of Installing Artificial Lawn in Your Yard?

One of the most common questions people ask is, "What is the cost of installing artificial lawn in your yard?" The cost depends on several factors including the size of the area, operation fees, labour, company overhead, and the type of pile you want. To give a rough idea, you should budget:

$50 to $75 per square metre for low or mid-range artificial lawn
$74 to $`100 per square metre for a higher quality artificial lawn

It does cost more upfront to have an artificial lawn put it, but a properly installed and maintained artificial lawn can easily last for years. This long life combined with the lower maintenance needs are two big reasons why artificial lawns are so popular.

We're going to break down the cost factors of having an artificial lawn installed so you get a good understanding on why it costs more upfront. We'll also go over a few more reasons why people choose artificial lawns over traditional lawns.

Understanding Artificial Lawn Cost Factors

As we touched on, there are several factors that go into deciding how much the final cost of your artificial lawn will be. We'll go in-depth on each of these factors, so you get a good understanding of how the pricing works.

First Factor: Artificial Lawn Type
One of the first things you that factor into your costs is the style and quality of the synthetic grass you choose. You can pick from pet turf, landscaping turf, athletic turf, or putting greens. The artificial lawn can also have different blade widths ranging from thick or thin blades, tall or short blades, green thatching, brown thatching and much more.

Obviously, the higher quality artificial lawn will cost more in general than you'd pay with the mid or lower quality artificial lawn. The lower quality lawn may not look as full or as dense as the higher quality lawn. Where your artificial lawn comes from also factors in. Artificial grass is produced all around Australia as well as in the Netherlands, China, Germany and other countries.

Second Factor: Lawn Size and Shape
The size and shape of the area that you want to cover plays a large role in the final price. The bigger the area is, the more materials and artificial lawn you'll need to cover all of it. Additionally, an odd yard shape can be more difficult to install artificial grass in, and it leaves a lot of room for wasted product.

There is usually only a small amount of wasted product when you have artificial lawn installed. However, if you have a rounded yard, you'll get a lot more waste than you'd get with a rectangular area. You roll the turf out like a carpet, and it usually comes in pre-set widths. You can see why this can lead to higher costs.

Third Factor: Operational Costs
Operational costs include any delivery and dump fees, labour costs and fuel costs. This is one area where you don't want to opt for a lower quality crew or company because it directly affects how well they do the job and how well your artificial lawn holds up to wear and tear. Always look for a company with years of experience instead of months.

Dump fees include how many trips the company has to make to get rid of the old turf and dirt. Fueling costs are slightly more difficult to estimate unless you know the rough distances from your home to the dump where the company disposes of your old lawn and debris. Finally, delivery fees are what the company charges to actually bring the artificial lawn to your location, and this varies from company to company.

Fourth Factor: Company Overhead
This factor is one that you don't have much control over as a customer. The company's overhead refers to how much the company spends in miscellaneous fees like liability insurance, worker's compensation insurance, advertising, payroll, truck expenses and more.

They have to factor all of these costs and more into each job to help ensure that they make enough to turn a profit on each artificial lawn installation job they do. This overhead cost will vary from company to company, but it will factor into your final cost.

Why Choose an Artificial Lawn?

Now that you know a rough price for purchasing and installing an artificial lawn as well as what factors go into making this cost, we'll go over a few key reasons why someone would want an artificial lawn in the first place.

Convenience - You can spend a lot of time cutting, trimming and watering your lawn to ensure that it stays green, lush and healthy all season long. You won't have to do this when you have an artificial lawn. Outside of some minor maintenance, artificial lawn is easy to upkeep and maintain.
Aesthetic Value -Very few things are more frustrating than having that one or two patches of lawn that refuse to grow or stay healthy no matter what you do. Artificial lawn is attractive because it always looks uniform, lush and neat with very little effort on your part.

Investment Value - An artificial lawn may cost more upfront, but it'll pay for itself quickly when you consider that you don't have to worry about maintaining it as rigorously as you would traditional lawn. It can also last for years after the initial install and still look as good as it did the day you had it installed.

Durability - Generally speaking, artificial lawn is more durable than a traditional lawn. It can put up with a lot of heavy traffic or water from a pool without displaying any negative side effects. It won't turn brown or wear out from repeated use.

Water Conservation - You can save a lot of water by having an artificial lawn installed. You don't have to water it to keep it looking lush and healthy. This is huge for Australia, especially during the scorching summer months.

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