5000 Litre Slimline Water Tank

5000 Litre Slimline Water Tank

These 5000 litre slimline water tanks are ideal for collecting a reasonable volume of rainwater but for use in confined spaces such as, under eaves, along fence lines, beside carports, near gardens or near kitchens. They are usually around 3 to 4 metres long, just under 2 metres high and around 1 metre wide. Select Water Tanks can customise the size of your 5000 litre slimline tank to suit exactly your space.

The 5000 litre slimline tank is popular with people who want access to a reasonable volume of rainwater without the tank taking up too much valuable space. Many Councils, especially in coastal areas are requiring home owners to install a water tank to harvest rain water and make them less dependent on town water for tasks such as washing cars and hosing lawns or gardens and for having access to water during sustained dry periods.

Slimline tanks are popular because they are ideal for situations where space is limited because they have a narrow footprint. They also can be made to ‘blend in’ with existing structures. Some people link a couple of tanks together if they want access to more water but still have limited space.

These tanks can be made from Stainless Steel or Colorbond/Aquaplate with the price differential around $700 to $1000 between them. For example, the Colorbond/Aquaplate version is between $2000 and $2800 depending on length and height while the Stainless Steel version is between $2700 and $3800 again depending on length and height.

The advantages of choosing between Colorbond/Aquaplate and Stainless Steel 5000 litre slimline water tanks include longer-lasting, offering you fantastic value for money over their lifespan, and at the end of their life are fully recyclable – better for you, better for the planet!. You can choose from a range of colours for the Colorbond/Aquaplate version whereas the Stainless Steel version contains no plastic whatsoever, keeps the water cool and in good condition and is often being designed as a feature by architects and builders.

Select Water Tanks will ask you to tell us where you want your Inlet, Overflow and Outlet fittings to be located on the tanks so it will fit easily into the space available. These fittings are also designed to keep insects and bacteria from entering your tank.

A 5000 litre slimline water tank would be a great addition to your property and would assist you access a reasonable volume of rainwater without taking up much valuable space and it could be designed to fit into a confined area.