Rainwater harvesting and the significance of water temperature

Rainwater harvesting and the significance of water temperature

Rainwater harvesting is collecting, storing and repurposing the available water. Depending on the potential use of the water harvested, it is very important that the water is maintained at the best quality possible given the circumstances and that the tank(s) itself is kept in good condition.

The potential problem with storing water in a tank is the pocket of air between the top of the water and the top of the tank. If that pocket of air becomes hot and then is a very promising area for mildew and mould and slime to grow and multiply.

How that pocket of air becomes hot depends of the heat absorbed by the tank itself. For example, we know that dark colours absorb more heat than lighter colours. If a tank is made from material that is a darker colour then the water and air inside is going to be hotter than one made in a lighter colour.

We also know that some materials absorb heat and other materials are better at reducing the heat by reflecting it. By far the best material at reflecting the heat is stainless steel. Tanks made from stainless steel are extremely good at reflecting heat and not only reduce the heat but actually keep the water and air inside the tank very cool.

Some people assume that stainless steel tanks are far too expensive but this is not the case. If you go to Select Water Tanks you can see the comparative prices.

The next best tanks at reflecting the heat from the sun are tanks made from galvanised colorbond and from the light colours in the colorbond range.

So the temperature of the water and air pocket inside a tank becomes very important if you want to reduce or eliminate the growth of bacteria and present water for animals and human use that is cool and of good quality.

What are some of many reasons for harvesting rainwater.

Rainwater harvesting is collecting, storing and repurposing the available water. Here are just some of the wide variety of purposes where rainwater harvesting makes sense. They could be used for some of the following purposes:

In farming situation where the water is used to irrigate crops and or water plants and/or provide water for animals

In business situation where water is needed for operations such as distilling or brewing or cleaning

In family homes for a wide variety of purposes such as for drinking water, to supplement a grey water system, to clean objects like cars and bikes, and to water lawns and gardens.

In order to reduce or eliminate the cost of mains water and be self-sustainable

For use in hospital and/or schools and other workplaces to provide a separate water system

To ensure a property or properties is/are protected from events like bush fires by having on water to water it/them and to provide water to the local rural fire brigade

To enable people living in rural and remote areas to be self-sustainable and

Collecting and storing water that would otherwise run off and cause erosion of flooding