Welcome to Rainwater Tanks Direct

Welcome to Rainwater Tanks Direct

Welcome to Rainwater Tanks Direct

Over the coming weeks you'll receive a wealth of information about how you can do your bit to help our environment, best the water restrictions most Australians now face... and save money on your water bills each year by simply installing a water tank at your place.

First things first though. The main web page is rainwatertanksdirect.com.au.

Go there now and bookmark the page so you can revisit the website later.

From time to time, I'll be sending you information via my newsletter on how you can get ahead by harvesting your own rainwater and have plenty of water to use for your every day requirements.

The important thing to me is that you get real value from this newsletter and that I don't waste your time.

Your time is valuable and I plan on delivering you important information.

Too many newsletters like this are simply a waste of time. They are just thinly disguised sales pitches offering no choice cuts of information.

And if that is what you're used to, then get ready for a pleasant and very rewarding surprise. You'll find these newsletters like a breath of fresh air.

Because I promise I will deliver. And I guarantee I will not waste your time and leave you hanging impatiently waiting for something useful.

If you stay with me for these regular newsletters, you'll get several breakthroughs that will assist you in finding a cost efficient way of installing a water tank that's suitable for you.

Firstly, it's important for me to let you know that if you're one of the first 27 people to Purchase one of the huge range of water tanks from "Rain Water Tanks Direct" by August 31st you'll be in the running for our LIMTED TIME extra bonuses and prizes to the value of $850.00 (a Davey Pump package)

But hurry, I simply can't afford to put this one out there forever. So please don't miss this one.

PLUS: Don't forget our truly unique ONLINE One-Stop-Shop is there for all you Water Tank needs including everything you need to know about installing your own Water Tank with easy to follow step-by-step instructions... or if you prefer we'll provide you with our professional installation service if you live in Sydney, or simply refer you to one of our approved installers.

Your first email will arrive (in 2 days??). I'll see you then.

Dedicated to helping you make informative decisions regarding all Water Saving Solutions.