How To Maintain Your Newly Tinted Windows

How To Maintain Your Newly Tinted Windows

Having tinted home windowsis a worthy investment. After all, you’ll be blocking out the sun’s harmful U.V rays, amplifying your exterior aesthetics, and ensuring optimal privacy for your family. If done properlyby a professional window tinting company, a window tint will last a decade or more.
The time will come, however, when the windows need to be cleaned. And if not doneproperly, this could result in unsightly scratches or permanent damage to the adhesive. But don’t worry, the process is relatively straightforward. Here are a few simple tips to get your tint looking as good as new.

Patience is a virtue
After a tint has been installed, the film will appear cloudy or foggy. It doesn’t look great, but it will pass with time. This curing process could last up to four weeks, depending on the type of adhesive used, or how thick the film is.
Don’t attempt to pop any of the bubbles, and hold off on the cleaning until the tint has cured.

Give it at least 30 days
Even if your tint appears to be ready, it’s always best to wait at least 30 days before cleaning. Otherwise, you could inadvertently wash away the adhesive which binds the film to the glass.

Pick the right time
It is important to avoid washingyour tinted windows in the scorching midday sun. This will damage the adhesive of the tinted windows. Cool and overcast days are a better time to wash these windows.

Use a microfiber cloth and take it easy
Tintis super delicate, so use a clean microfiber cloth to avoid creating any unwanted scratches. Soft clothsand synthetic sponges would do the trick as well. Just be sure to avoid anything abrasive, including paper towels.
When cleaning, go nice and slow. Don’t apply an excessive amount of pressure to any area as this could damage the adhesive. You can safelyuse a rubber squeegee to wipe away any excess fluid.

Pick the right cleaning product
Any foam based window cleaner will do, which includes the classic Windex. If you don’t have any at hand, an easyalternative is to make a diluted solution of dishwashing detergent and cold water.
Whatever you do, avoid using ammonia, alcohol, or any abrasive cleaning products such as baking soda. More often than not, these will scratch the film.

Watch out for those joins
Always clean in the direction of the splice. If the edge of a tint gets lifted above the window, the adhesive will decay, andthe tintwill eventually peel away.

Wipe down your window sills with care
Inevitably, excess soapy water will accumulate on the window sills. As tempting as it may be, don’t just leave the excess sitting there because it may find its way behind the tint and corrodethe adhesive.
When wiping it up, it’s essential to use a different cloth than that which you use to clean the tinted windows. Otherwise, you could easilycollect stray debris which will scratch the next window.

It may be more complicated than cleaning regularwindows, but maintaining your tinted windows needn’t be too difficult if you follow these simple steps. If your windows are ready to be re-tinted, get in touch with the expert team at Mastertint.