4 Ways A Safety Glass Film Can Protect Your Home

4 Ways A Safety Glass Film Can Protect Your Home

From windows to partitions and doors, glass is a material that is highly versatile and sought after in the building industry. This accounts to the growing number of glass panels that have been included in the construction of most commercial and residential settings. However, along with these installations comes the common question of safety.

Where bare glass windows could pose risks of security, safety and health, householders typically are unaware of the benefits of a safety glass film. Designed with a number of thicknesses, this item can be easily retro-fitted onto an already installed door or window, thus providing a simple and inexpensive feature to add to your home.

Here are some ways a safety glass film can protect yourself and your family.

1. Protection from UV rays
The harmful effects of UV rays from direct contact with the sunlight have been widely spoken about. From premature aging to eye problems and even the more serious case of skin cancer, it is always a wise choice to stay away from these harmful rays. Fortunately, when you find the right safety glass film in Melbourne, this will no longer be a concern you have to worry about.

These films darken the windows and doors, causing the sun to reflect off their surfaces, hence allowing for a better protection against the UV rays and its negative effects.

2. It keeps the heat out
It’s no secret that the Aussie summers are known for its blistering heat and humidity. This means that often our utility bills are through the roof simply over attempts to cool down not only ourselves but also the surrounding environment. Heat is often the number-one reason why people choose to have these films installed. A safety glass film allows the heat to reflect off the glass windows instead of permitting through it—going a long way in keeping the bill down while elevating the comfort of your family.

3. Secures your home
As mentioned previously, safety glass films are equipped with varying levels of thickness. This simply means that a thicker film would offer a higher degree of protection against breakage. Even if a window happens to break at some point, the shards would be less prone to inflicting injury as the film would be able to hold the broken glass together in the frame. This is also a major reason why safety films are a preferred option in households with children. As the thickness increases, so does its break, tear and puncture strength, thus providing an added layer of resistance to the usage of tools or weapons that are typically employed when breaking into a home.

This unfortunately does not completely deter break-ins, but allows for an increased chance of an unsuccessful attempt. A split second is all you need to increase the odds of protecting yourself and your family while contacting local authorities.

4. Protects your privacy
Safety glass film for windows are also able to offer you privacy simply because they are tinted a shade darker than a standard window, ensuring that during the daylight, any ambient light will reflect the mirror film's surface. This way, those on the outside would have a harder time looking through, while your view remains unobstructed from the inside. With a guaranteed space of privacy, you will be able to fully relax at home without any concern.

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