Debunking Myths About Home Window Films

Debunking Myths About Home Window Films

Once you opt for home window tinting in Melbourne, you are likely to have zero regrets about your decision. After all, window films bring you a whole variety of benefits: from reduced energy bills and protection against UV rays, to privacy and window security features. The list goes on and on!

However, those who have never done window tinting before may not have such a clear picture. If you are uncertain about the advantages of having a home window film installed, it may be because you have picked up some common misconceptions about window films.

Luckily, in this article we will help you separate fact from fiction by debunking six of the most common myths about home window tinting!

Myth 1: Window films have only one function

The most advantageous thing about window films is that they can offer you more than just one feature. Window films have such a wide range of other functions to give you, depending on the type of film you opt for. Privacy films can stop people from looking into your home from the outside, while security films can hold the glass of your window together if it happens to break. On top of that, most window films come with solar tinting that can help keep out up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays!

Myth 2: It's purely decorative

As you now know, window films can bring about many practical benefits, so getting a window tint is not just about appearances. That said, you most certainly can maximise the decorative aspect of window films to your liking! Whether you prefer darker windows, reflective windows, or even windows with customised patterns and designs on it, window films can help you get your windows looking just the way you like them.

Myth 3: Window tints are too dark

Window films are not always about having dark-coloured windows that give off a gloomy look. This is because window films can come in tinted and transparent variants! So, if you prefer the appearance of your window to be virtually unchanged, you can definitely get a transparent tint. You should also note that the different types and shades of window tints can offer you more choice and customisation when it comes to choosing a window film.

Myth 4: They damage your window

Are you worried about the negative effects of applying a film to your windows? Well, you do not have to fret any longer, because window films do not harm the condition of your windows at all! When a high-quality window tint is applied by a reputable company, window tinting will not cause any damage to your glass. Most of the time, damage caused by window tinting happens in cases of do-it-yourself applications involving films of poor quality.

Myth 5: Window films age badly

You may have witnessed window films aging badly before – this usually involves issues like bubbled, discoloured, or even warped window films. However, just like with films that damage your windows, this is usually only the case for inferior DIY window tinting that is not applied by an experienced professional. Professional-grade window films undergo vigorous testing and are manufactured to prevent defects even in extreme temperatures and over the course of time.

Myth 6: You can’t clean tinted windows

The idea that you are not allowed to clean your windows if you have a window tint applied is another common myth. You most certainly can clean windows that have window films on them! Indeed, it would be impractical to put something on your windows that stops you from ordinary cleaning. Most of the time, you can clean your tinted windows as usual, although you can check with your window film supplier for any special instructions. Moreover, cleaning your windows will even help your window film to last longer!

Choose a reliable window film provider

Overall, you can avoid most of the pitfalls of low-quality window films by finding yourself a reputable window film provider. Cleargard Melbourne is the leading source for installations of high-quality window films and is your top choice for window films. We even provide a conditional manufacturer’s warranty for maximum peace of mind! Get in touch with us and our team will be ready to assist you with any enquiries.